Do a Little Back to School Shopping for NYC's Homeless Children

200808182251.jpgOne of the great joys for me of working on this site has been the ability to help other people. Typically that means helping people figure out what to do this weekend or giving them some useful bit of information or other. But this summer I had the opportunity to do something even more profound when I was contacted by Jennie Velazquez of Seneca House.

There are over 15,000 homeless children in New York City and Seneca Houses provides temporary housing for over 100 of them. This summer I worked with Jennie and her Executive Director Maritza Alvarez at Seneca House to help fill these children's summer with the types of wonderful activities that my own children take for granted (Thank you to The Children's Museum of Manhattan, Splish Splash Water Park and others for donating their admissions).

Now that summer is winding down, these kids face a new challenge. While we are all doing our back to school shopping for crisp new school supplies, the children of Seneca House have nothing.

I told Jennie that I would do my best to help provide supplies for her kids and I'm hoping that if all the people who pass through this site every day each do a little bit we can give these kids the fresh start and bright future that we all love about a new school year.

It truly couldn't be easier. I've set up a Wish List at with the items that the kids have asked for. As I get new requests from specific children I will add them. The address and quantities are all set up. All you have to do is click on the link, order some supplies and they will be shipped directly to the Children at Seneca Houses.

In just two minutes and for a couple of bucks you can make a big difference for these kids (Geez I feel like Sally Struthers: "For the price of your Grande Mocha Latte...")

If you would like to buy some school supplies for these kids, just click here to start shopping from their Wish List.

I have also created a second option for helping. If you would prefer to donate cash, I will collect donations through PayPal and at the end of next week I will use the money to buy as much of whatever they still need as I can. Making a donation through PayPal is really easy. You can even use your credit card. Just click on the donate button to make a cash donation. You will get a receipt from PayPal and I will make sure you see what was bought with your donation.



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