Come Out And Play! Street Game Festival


Experience Random Acts of Fun at this street game festival. Come Out & Play, the all-free event which runs from June 6-8 turns the city into a playground with everything from massive multi-player scavenger hunts to real life video games to competitive picnicking. Their call is to rediscover the city through play and their lineup is wacky and really fun to read.

This would definitely make a memorable early Father's Day activity for any New York City dad. But, since some games start at 9pm and others include skills you may not be ready to have your kid learn, we have some suggestions for the kid friendly games:

Pigeon Pinata - wiffle ball bats, ping pong balls, blindfolds, pinatas filled with candy - do you need more?

Super Happy Fun City Bingo - NYC becomes the gameboard for this bingo game, each team gets a polaroid camera and goes out to find things like a kid eating a hot dog, first one back with polaroids to prove wins!

Mini-golf thru the streets of the Lower East Side - OK, this one might be a little dangerous and definitely for slightly older kids since there will still be people and cars in the streets but it sure does sound fun.

Priced Out - Played in grocery stores in the Lower East Side and ending with a party, this game challenges players to get the tastiest and cheapest items. The subtext is that players become informed about price discrepancies among New York City grocery stores which can help them save money on future food purchases.

The Lost Sport of Olympia - Played in Central Park, this blindfolded labyrinth game known as "the Lost Sport' was banned from the Olympics. The description is pretty mysterious but the event organizers promised it was kid friendly! They recommend that you pre-register for games, but spaces are available as we post this.

Giant Corn Maze Adventures
Alstede Farms - 9:00 AM Pick
Scarecrows in the Village
Peddler's Village - 10:00 AM Pick
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Reopens
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center - 10:00 AM Pick
The Amazing Maize Maze at Queens County Farm
Queens County Farm Museum - 11:00 AM Pick
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