Halloween Portraits From Stomping Ground Photography and More Party Pics

The portraits Stomping Ground Photography took at our Halloween party are now posted on their website and they are awesome. They really captured the spirit of all the kids in their Halloween costumes. Check out the slideshow they put together with some of the highlights, plus some more photos we took of the party.

If your child had their portrait taken, we also have info on how to order your prints below:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can buy a professional quality print for as low as $6.00. This is an incredible deal for the wonderful portraits they took. To find your child's portrait go to Stomping Ground Photography website and use login mommy. Search for your child's images and purchase directly through the website.

Stomping Ground Photography did a great job of taking our Halloween photos, but their main business is doing school portraits. Can you imagine getting great shots like these instead of the lame pictures regular school photographers take? (sorry, Irvin Simon, but you really need to step it up). Ask your school to have Stomping Ground do your class portraits. They rock!

Another person that rocked the party was Lerida, the owner of New York Cake Pops. Her cake lollipops would add a touch of class to any event and they were gobbled up faster than a you could say Boo!


Not only did Kristy from Scholastic rock the party with some great spooky stories (she had such an avid audience she had to run back to the Scholastic Store mid-party to get even more books), but she helped me stuff the treat bags before the party. That pretty much makes her my hero.


And thank you to Luigi and everyone else who participated in our costume swap.

The folks from Make Meaning helped dozens of little hands make their Halloween soaps and kept smiles on their faces till the end.


And, of course, the people from Blurb, who invited us into their beautiful store, sticky fingers, juice boxes and all. Blurb books are gorgeous keepsakes and this party will definitely be a memory maker for me.


If you want to see more pictures from the party you can check out our Mommy Poppins Halloween Party Flickr Group.Thank you all for coming. If you didn't make it, I hope to see you at our next awesome event.

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