Snow day activities keep little hands busy all day!
Snow day activities keep little hands busy all day!

45 Snow Day Boredom Busters for Kids

When the weatherman predicts a snow day, you can almost hear the collective cries of joy from children—and the sighs of resignation from the adults who will miss work to entertain a houseful of stir-crazy kids. The first school snow day might be a treat, but by the second, third, or fourth of the winter season, everyone starts running out of things to do on a snow day spent indoors while the storm subsides.

Before your brood drives you batty, scan through this list of 45 fun things to do on a snow day, from baking projects (cake in a mug) to cool crafts (homemade puff paint) and fun games for kids (indoor snowball fight or DIY obstacle course). We think you’ll find enough ideas to keep them happily entertained until the school bus pulls up again. Have fun and good luck!

Find more crafts, recipes, and at-home projects and even science experiments in our Boredom Busters Activities Guide.

Things to Do on a Snow Day

1. Set up an indoor obstacle course.

2. Try some science experiments.

3. Make hot chocolate on a stick.

4. Create and launch marshmallow catapults

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Burn off some snow day energy with DIY balloon tennis. Photo by Ally Noel

5. Play balloon tennis.

6. Set up a game of indoor bowling.

7. Craft a toy parachute out of a plastic bag.

8. Learn to code.

9. Have an indoor snowball fight.

Keep your snow day baking project simple with a "cake in a mug." Photo via Pinterest

10. Bake a cake in a mug, or cook slice-and-bake sugar cookies and then give the kids food markers to decorate them.

11. Make a batch of rock candy

12. Get a jump-start on your Valentines or Easter egg prep.

13. Create snow paintings

14. Make an ice lantern.

15. Paint with salt for a seasonal-themed snow day activity.

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Why buy play-doh when you and your kids can whip up a batch at home. Photo courtesy of Family Education

16. Knead your own play-dough.

17. Whip up some vanilla cinnamon steamers.

18. Go against the grain and make yogurt pops.

19. Paint with bubbles.

20. Craft friendship bracelets from last summer’s tees.

21. Build a toy slingshot.

22. Creating homemade shrinky dinks is fun indoor activity with or without snow.

Gather your favorite dolls, superheroes, or stuffed animals to join you for a snow day tea party. Photo by Rose Gordon Sala

23. Have an indoor picnic, or throw a fancy tea party.

24. Put together indoor marshmallow snowmen for a sweet treat.

25. Be a snow day hero and set up a laser beam maze.

26. Host a living room campout.

27. Draw on the windows with dry-erase markers.

28. Print snowman stationery and write letters.

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Stretch it, roll it, cut it, and otherwise get creative with slime. Photo by Rose Gordon Sala

29. Get messy with DIY slime.

30. Paint a 3D snow scene with homemade puff paint.

31. Whip up some maple sugar snow ice cream with fresh snow!

32. Throw some apple chips in the oven.

33. Burn some energy making butter like the olden days.

34. Set up a photo booth and invite the neighbors over for this group snow day activity.

Kitchen utensils make great armor for an indoor role-playing game. Photo by Anna Fader

35. Get moving with some indoor games.

36. Crafting clothespin animals is a sweet toddler snow day activity.

37. Freeze some ice suncatchers.

38. Collaborate on story stones and spin some tales.

Paper and scissors are all it takes for this snowy day activity.

39. Make paper snowflake garlands.

40. Turn a pair of gloves into a bunny puppet.

41. Host a family stand-up session to see who can tell the best knock-knock joke.

42. Learn to fishtail braid by making bracelets with the Rainbow Loom craze

43. Put on a play.

44. Spread kindness with messages on painted rocks that you bury in the snow. Go looking for them this spring!

45. Finally, give in to the snow day movie...for everyone's sake.

A version of this article was first published in 2015 but it has since been updated.

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