Presenting Our NYC Neighbrhood Guide for Families

200806100049.jpg Today we are launching a new page on the site, The Mommy Poppins New York City Neighborhood Guide for Families. This guide is a NYC neighborhood guide specifically written for families. In its pages you will find the best toy stores, parks, shopping, family friendly dining and tons of fun places to visit in each neighborhood. You'll find that each post covers its neighborhood with a unique voice that reflects the style of the community. That's because each post in this guide has been written by a NYC neighborhood blogger, parent blogger or other prominent community member who lives and breathes their neighborhood. We figured, who knows the ins and outs of each community better than them?

Whether you are looking for a fun new place to explore for the afternoon, or new digs to settle for good, we hope our neighborhood guide will excite you to explore some of the amazing neighborhoods of New York and the best places in NYC for kids.

Our Neighborhood Guide has over 20 neighborhood posts plus city-wide resources for learning about the different neighborhoods of New York and more on the way.

This project has truly been a communal effort and I want to give an immense thanks to all of our contributors. Please take the time to visit some of their blogs and sites and you will find some incredible resources, not to mention a lot of very entertaining writing.



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