New York Waterfalls Giveaway Winners

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It sounds like a lot of you are sticking around for the summer and it was great to read all the interesting ideas people have for what they will do this summer in the city. Sounds pretty chill to me actually. Lots of just cruising around the city. I like Neeta's suggestion of letting the kids play in the rain.

I was recently thinking how much I used to enjoy that and how my kids have never had the opportunity to do it. I was actually just telling my son how we used to play in rain storms in the city. We used to build paper boats and launch them in the gutter and watch them float down toward the sewer. It sounds absurd now, but that was NYC in the 70s.

I loved the city after the rain because it looked so clean (the rain washed the litter and grim away) and also you'd see rainbows in the streets made by oil residue in the gutters. Again, not sure why we don't see those any more. Maybe the oils used in cars has changed.

But I digress. What you really want to know is not what a street urchin I was as a child, but whether you will soon be riding the shark boat past those Waterfalls. So here are our winners:

Winner number one was actually commenter number one: S.G. who shared her plans for adopting her friend Carolyn's credo to save and collect time and energy, money and wisdom to be spent on family, friends and community. Thanks for sharing S.G. You can save some money by riding the Shark Boat for free.

Winner number two is Tamara who is planning on relaxing at the movies and water parks. And will now be relaxing with a four-pack of tickets to see the Waterfalls.

And our final winner is Jade who will be taking in the Waterfalls as a farewell before heading out of town for the summer.

If you didn't win and still want to ride the Shark Boat this summer, you can get $5 off your tickets by printing the original Giveaway post and presenting it when you purchase tickets.