Monday Linking: Why Dads May Be Better Parents, Bullying, Kitchen Tips, More

200902082327.jpgOver the weekend a few things crossed my mind.  Primarily, at nine years late, should I completely abandon the idea of getting my wedding gift thank-you cards written?  The answer I’ve come to is yes.  Yes I am a shmuck, and yes I should give up the guilt.  But then I ran into this website that has the very coolest stationary and back story (which I’m guessing is fiction?  I hope?) And I really love the cards.  Maybe I’m digging these enough to send out the nine-year late cards?  Naaaaah.  But I will pick some up for future use, for I am older and wiser and more socially apt.   

After finding this treasure, I also found out that the way my husband parents our child is not completely wrong, I found out how to deal with my son being bullied, I found out some simple tricks I can use to pretend I’m awesome in the kitchen, and I continued to mourn Lux Interior.  Wanna see?

Virgil O Stamps’ website tells me this: “Your business cards and invitations and stationary and notecards and envelopes are all little pieces of you.”  True!  But I didn’t think I was this clever.  Find out your true identity here. (Virgil O Stamps)

Every mom I know thinks that compared to their child’s father, they’ve got the parenting code hacked.  Turns out we’re wrong.  Dad’s technique may just be better.  (Parenting)

Most parents have to deal with it sometime – either their child is a victim of bullies, or is a bully.  Either way it’s a tough thing to go through.  Get some good help here. (Mom Logic)

My goal this winter has been to try to start cooking healthier meals for my family.  Ok, truth: actually, to start cooking at all.  This tip sheet gives amateurs like me the ol’ one-two punch we need in the kitchen to get going.  (Simple Mom)

The news this week that Lux Interior of seminal New York punk band The Cramps died made many grown up punk parents sad.  Maybe they can be cheered up with the news that the phone number 867-5309 is up for sale?  (NY Times, Gawker)

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