Nanny Poaching, Park Slope Dramedy, BPA Free Store, etc

linkinblogs.gifJust cause the last time you sat down to read a newspaper was when ???pooped out??? still meant tired to you doesn??™t mean you can??™t stay up to date with what??™s going on. We??™ve rounded up the top stories you don??™t want to miss from the NYC media this week.

Move over Housewives of NYC, The Post reports that Sex in the City producer Darren Starr new TV series will focus on Park Slope and, of course, the stroller brigade. Good news is that your real estate will likely go even higher (if that's possible), bad news is that those crowded streets are about to get even more crowded with film crews.

Cookie Magazine poll reveals that a whopping 34 percent of mothers reported having had an extramarital affair after the birth of their children. My question is where do these moms find the time (and energy) to handle kids, a husband and an affair? But, if that is you, I imagine life is already pretty complicated so check out A Child Grows in Brooklyn overview of birth control options.

Nanny poaching, the new bitchiest thing to do to a girlfriend - Gowanus Lounge and local moms wonder if it could even be worse than stealing another woman's husband?

ID Magazine reports on awesome downtown toy store Kid O's new line of designy and affordable blocks and puzzles.

Shop from Amazon's BPA free store which includes plastic, glass and stainless steel bottles and sippy cups but beware, not all BPA free items are created equally so check out this report by Z Recs first.

Brainy story of the week: Sky-Rocketing Gas Prices. vs Energy Policy Smack-Down. NY Times' Thomas Friedman breaks down the McCain-Clinton energy proposal. While their plan will lower gas prices for summer travel it will also increase our debt to China, increase our transfer of wealth to Saudi Arabia and increase our contribution to global warming for our kids to inherit - I'll take the higher gas prices.