Linkin B'logs - Ear Orgasms, School Report Cards, Trader Joe's comes to Brooklyn and More

All that bad news last week has me totally burned out on politics and the economy right now so keep reading for a lighter take on this week's news (with the exception of the school report cards, but hey, thats something that is pretty near to all our hearts).

Report Cards for Schools. If you haven't already checked, take a look at the results of the 2007-08 NYC Department of Education report cards for every school in the city. The letter grades which range from A to F are based on the school environment, student performance and student progress. Then check out the inside schools blogs to read up on the debate on the report cards.

Mo' Joe.  Trader Joe's is coming to Brooklyn with a store opening

this Friday on Court and Atlantic.  Unfortunately, the store will not sell wine so you still need to head to the hellishly crowded Union Square store for your two buck chuck.

Bye Bye Ear Orgasm.
NPR reports on new guidelines released by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, they want to remind us all that you are never supposed to put cotton-tipped swabs into your ear canal. Umm, give up q-tips, never!

Babes in Babeland.  Brownstoner posted a hysterical photo of a child inside the new Park Slope sex toy shop, Babeland. Of course, more bitching ensues about how Park Slope moms take their kids everywhere - I say more power to you but how do you get your kids to not play with all the dildos?

Burnign off Apple.  Gweneth talks about how she burned off the baby weight on Oprah.  Ahh, if only we all could afford Madonna's trainer.

Feisty Muppets.  This premiered a few weeks ago but I just saw it again thanks to DVR and its so darned cute I had to share - check out Feist on the new season of Sesame Street on YouTube doing her awesome video adapted for muppets. 

And this post and pic on Mama Bird Diaries about a really ugly baby  just cracked me up....