Best New Swimming Pools for NYC Kids Summer 2008


Last summer we posted a great list of the best free and cheap swimming pools in New York City for kids and toddlers. That post is one of our all time most popular posts and it's still a great list. But, there are some new pool options this year and we wanted to share them with you. Find out where the floating barge swimming pool will be docked this summer and two other beautiful brand new places to swim in New York this summer:

The floating barge swimming pool that graced the shores of Brooklyn Heights last summer will be setting up shop in Hunts Point in the Bronx beginning in Mid-June. The free swimming pool will be docked at Barretto Point Park, providing swimming to an area that currently has no access to swimming pools. Swimming lessons for children at the pool are in the works. They plan to keep the pool there for the next three years and hope to be adding another barge pool to the NYC waterways too.

In other new pool news, a beautiful Olympic Sized indoor pool just opened in March at Flushing Meadows. The Olympic-size indoor public pool, the first to open in New York City in four decades, has an adjustable floor and diving tank for public swim and competitive meets. There's also a NHL-standard indoor ice hockey rink on site that will serve as a year-round facility for competitive leagues and individual skaters. The modernist, architecturally distinguished building’s cable-supported roof system will allow for potential future expansion. Children are free and adults can buy a year long membership for just $75.

The Downtown Community Center in Tribeca just opened it's brand new pool this week. Families can join for $200 for the entire summer. This is a discounted rate. In the fall it will be $200 per month. Be aware that in July and August, the pool will be filled with Downtown Day Campers so family swim times are off-hours.

Our Summer Fun Guide is coming out in just a few days with everything you need to get the most out of NYC with kids this summer. Stay Cool!