10 Reasons Why the iPhone is the Ultimate Parenting Tool

200810211125.jpgThis week I'm introducing a new feature on Mommy Poppins: MP2, or Mommy Poppins Squared. Yes, I can no longer contain my inner geekiness, (as if writing this blog isn't bad enough) I must now parade my extreme interest in all things geek for you all to see. I'm kicking off MP2 with a series of posts about the iPhone as a parenting tool. Next month look for Science Week (which I've been geeking out on this month in preparation. Whoohoo!).


Why every parent needs an iPhone

There are whole books dedicated to which gadget parents need or don't need. For my money, the number one gadget on every parents' list should now be an iPhone. Yes, it's expensive, but the iPhone is like the Swiss Army knife, it has so many features bundled into one little slick package that you should save your money on everything else and just get this (okay you'll need a couple of other things too).

(at right) Hand knit iPhone from Daddy Types

Here are the 10 essential tools your iPhone will replace, making it the ultimate parenting tool:

Cell phone (duh)

Digital Camera — While it's not the best camera phone I've owned, it takes decent 2 megapixel photos. Having a camera phone is a must for parents in my book because it means I always have a camera with me and can snap those spontaneous cute moments without thinking.


Brag Book — Show off all those cute pictures either with the images stored in your phone or use this App to connect to your Flickr account.

Appointment book — The built in calendar will sync to your iCal so you always know where you need to be and can add appointments as you make them.

DS Lite — Letting your kids know that there are games on your phone can be dangerous, but also a lifesaver when needed.

GPS and mapping — I would buy an iPhone just for this feature, seriously. I used the maps every day this summer trying to find my way around new places and still use it now when, in my permanent mommy brain moments, I leave the house without looking up where I am going.

Crackberry — Nobody needs to know you're emailing from the PTA meeting: another if-it-only-did-this-it-would-be-enough feature.

iPod — Keep your own and your kids' playlists handy.

Books — Download and read books or your favorite periodical right on the phone.

TV — Watch those SNL clips, vintage sesame street, or cartoons whenever you need it.

Ooh, and the last reason the iPhone is the ultimate gadget for parents: the thing is basically indestructible — just don't let them "hide" it in the toilet.

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