Top 5 New York Websites 2008

top2008.gifPeople are always asking me how I ca n possibly stay up to date with so many different events that things to do in New York. The short answer is that I read A LOT. I have well over 200 websites in my RSS reader (if you don't know what an RSS reader is learn about it here. It's a great way to keep up to date on lots of sites without having to visit them all each day) and I like to skim through them all to find out about the little gems that I can share with you.

I thought for this end of year week it would be appropriate to share some of my top 5 lists for 2008, starting with the top 5 websites I enjoy reading to keep up to date with everything NYC.




NYC Go   

A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Check out some of my other favorite NYC websites. What are your favorite NY websites? Add them in the comments below.