It's Show Time! Ticket Giveaway Extravaganza


It can be hard to wow! a NYC kid. They've seen it all and can be too cool to be impressed with much. But we're giving away tickets for two shows, Xanadu, and Walking with Dinosaurs , that will make a big impression even on the most jaded New York City kid, or maybe even especially a jaded NY kid.


Xanadu, a little piece of musical heaven

During Xanadu, Melpomene, in just one of several meta comments throughout the production which make fun of the show and other Broadway hits, states that "it's like kiddie theater for 40 year old gays." Xanadu, the remake of the tragically bad 80s flick starring Olivia Newton-John, isn't made for kids, but it will appeal to them greatly.

Read on to find out the ten reasons you should go see Xanadu and find out about our giveaway for Xanadu and Walking with Dinosaurs tickets.


Look at this recipe of fun for kids:

1. Real life Barbie comes to life—Actress Kerry Butler (who has also played Belle in Beauty in the Beast) is an absolute doll and she plays the part of the goddess Clio (Kira) with a wry spin on her own sexuality-as-weapon role.

2. Roller skates—Grown-ups. In skates. On stage.

3. Glow Sticks—Need we say more?

4. Greek Mythology—Greek Goddesses are the original Disney Princesses

5. Interactivity—Kids love it when actors break the 4th wall and in Xanadu they don't just break it, they nuke it.


Five reasons why you'll love Xanadu:

1. Nostalgia—Remember "Evil Woman" and "Magic"? Roller skates, checkered shirts, cut-off jeans, gold spandex, and ribbon barrettes?

2. Happy Revisionism—In Xanadu, the 80s seem funny and campy rather than just awful.

3. It's short and sweet—Certain things, even good things, shouldn't be belabored.

4. Yummy!—Without being tasteless, there's a lot of eye candy in this show.

5. The punch line is leg warmers—How can you argue with that!

I was really surprised by how much fun this show was. I basically had my face in a big smile throughout the whole thing. It's a great show for tween girls and you could even go as young as 7 probably.

We are giving away two sets of two tickets to Xanadu. See details below. But, Xanadu is obviously not for everyone. For little ones we have something else totally:


Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs looks like it is going to be something quite spectacular, especially for kids who love dinosaurs. Walking with Dinosaurs is turning Madison Square Garden into a huge dinosaur planet with life-size dinosaurs roaming freely. Master puppeteers, awesome sets, video, cinematic scope and lighting work together to create a show that may actually leave your kid wondering if the extinct creatures have come back to life.

We are giving away one Family pack of 4 tickets for the Saturday August 2nd show at 7PM. AND, special discount for Mommy Poppins readers - use discount code One2One when purchasing your tickets online for 10% off the $35 and $55 tickets.

How to enter:If you would like to enter to win the free tickets to Xanadu your favorite song, thing or style from the 80s. We will randomly pick two winners who will each win two tickets to a mid-week performance of Xanadu, including the Wednesday matinee to be used between now and July 10th.

To win tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs, please leave a comment on this post by Sunday, June 14th at 8PM telling us your child's favorite dinosaur book (if that's too hard just tell us which contest you want to enter).

Some Thoughts: You can enter to win both prizes if you like, just make two separate comments, but multiple comments by the same person for any other reason may cause disqualification. Anonymous comments can not be considered. We promise not to use your emails for anything other than flossing our teeth.