Mommy, Can I Have a Puppy, Sometimes?

8/13/07 - By Anna Fader
Kids love pets. Especially furry ones. Double especially big, furry, drool-y, ones that need to be walked and run and scooped up after several times a day and kenneled when you go on vacation and given expensive shots. Except they don't like all that stuff so much. And the whining and begging and pointing out of cute dogs can wear a parent down to the point where maybe having a cute little doggie doesn't seem like such a bad idea, even if you do live in NYC in an apartment the size of a toothbrush holder and work 60 hours a day to pay for it. Which can lead to post traumatic pet ownership. But, dogs are forever. You can't just get a cute puppy and keep it for a little while and then return it when the charm wears off...or can you? Urban travel guide, Gridskipper, reports on a new service that has come to NYC that may be the final answer to that perennial question, "Mommy, can I have a puppy?"


FLEXPETZ is like the Bag Borrow or Steal of the canine world. You can "rent" a pup for an afternoon, a day, or longer. It's not cheap, but then neither is owning your own dog. And Flexpetz come with the one doggie trait not even the breeders who invented the Labradoodle have been able to figure...they're returnable! Whether you're looking to "test-run" owning a dog, or really want a dog, but can't swing the full commitment, shared pet ownership could be the answer to those endless, "Please, please, please, pleeeeeases!"