10 Top New Jersey Gyms for Indoor Rock Climbing with Kids

The Gravity Vault has climbing locations throughout New Jersey.
The Gravity Vault has climbing locations throughout New Jersey.
11/8/22 - By Laura J

Your local rock-climbing gym combines fitness, thrills, and fun. It's the perfect way to get the kids moving and out of the house and still stay indoors when the weather isn't cooperating. Check out these 10 New Jersey facilities for open climbing, with options for beginner through advanced climbers!

Check with each facility about age requirements and which sections are best to try with kids. Some facilities recommend a staff-belay booking if you're new to climbing.

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Top Indoor Rock Climbing Gyms in New Jersey

1. Gravity Vault — Brick, Chatham, Flemington, Hoboken, Middletown, Montclair, Upper Saddle River, Voorhees

Gravity Vault has a bunch of options for new and veteran climbers alike. Experienced climbers can do drop-in climbing or opt for private and small-group lessons to learn the ropes in a training area before diving in. Routes are reset regularly, so there's always something new to try. Each gym varies a bit in size and offerings. Montclair, for instance, offers augmented reality climbing walls, hangboard classes, and bouldering. 

2. NJ Rock Gym — Fairfield

This indoor climbing center includes rope and lead climbing walls, a bouldering island, a bouldering cave, several auto-belays, and more. Youth day passes for kids are available, but NJ Rock Gym also hosts a 90-minute Kids Climb every Sunday from 10:30am to 12:00pm for children 6+. Instructors provide helpful tips and will belay participants. Pre-payment is necessary, due by the Thursday before your session.

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Climbzone Top New Jersey Gyms for Indoor Rock Climbing with Kids
Climbzone is a unique experience for ages 2 and up. 

3. Climbzone — Howell

This spectacular climbing center offers a completely unique auto-belay climbing experience for ages 2 through adult. You'll scale themed panels that are like works of art. Climb the statue of liberty, scale Mount Rushmore, and hop up a giant keyboard. There are tons of options to choose from. For an additional fee, enjoy the ropes course, climbing play maze, and the ropes course.

4. Garden State Rocks — Morganville

Snag a day pass to this gym, which offers both bouldering and ropes (top rope and lead) on walls that are 25-30 feet tall. There's also a unique cave with a tension board. There's more than 6,000 square feet of climbing surface surrounded by crash pads and padded carpeting. Bonus: Mondays are BOGO Night, with two climbers for the price of one.

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high exposure climbing Top New Jersey Gyms for Indoor Rock Climbing with Kids
High Exposure Climbing is a great place for kids of all levels. 

5. High Exposure Climbing — Northvale

Book a 2-hour climbing pass and you'll have access to your choice of top rope routes, a 12-meter speed wall, auto-belay routes, and a bouldering cave with 30+ degree angles for extreme training. 

6. Iron Peak — Hillsborough

This new sports center features a wall-climbing section with 15 fun, interactive walls and five regular climbing walls that are 25 feet each. With the Fun Walls, climbers can go through a spider web wall, scale a chimney, solve a labyrinth wall, and jump from skyscraper walls. The 2-hour pass includes access to the ninja and aerial ropes courses.

7. GOAT Climbing Gym — Hackensack

Opened in 2022, this facility features top rope and lead climbing (at 40-60 feet). There's also a dual-lane, 15-meter speed wall, a training area, and two bouldering floors.

8. Elite Climbing — Maple Shade

Elite Climbing has something for everyone with more than 100 fun routes on a variety of walls, including slab, straight, and overhanging that will challenge both beginners and experts. The bouldering walls have 10 different angles including an 18-foot cave. Plus, top-roping routes and bouldering problems are frequently changed to promote a new challenge every time you visit.

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Kinetic Climbing Top New Jersey Gyms for Indoor Rock Climbing with Kids
Grab a day pass to try out Kinetic Climbing, a bouldering-only facility.

9. Kinetic Climbing — Williamstown

Kinetic is unique because it's a bouldering-only facility with 80 routes to try. Buy a day pass and get a taste of what rope-free climbing has to offer.

10. Diamond Rock Gym — East Hanover

Diamond Rock is available for appointment-only climbs with instructor guidance or auto-belay passes. There are 23 top rope climbing lanes with auto-belay devices. Or try out the caves, ledges, and zip lines.

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