School Break Camps: Holiday and Spring Break Camps That'll Keep Kids Busy on Days Off

Texas Rock Gym Camps. Photo courtesy Canva
Texas Rock Gym Camps. Photo courtesy Canva
3/3/24 - By Elizabeth R

If you don't have travel plans and need to find a few spring break camps, then you're in the right place. After all, parents can always use extra help when schools are closed—not just for spring break, but for weeks off during the holidays, not to mention those non-holiday long weekends. 

From The Heights to Bellaire and the arts to aviation, we think you'll find something perfect for your family in the camps we've rounded up here. As an added benefit, some places offer holiday camps on long weekends when schools are closed and summer camps too! Speaking of summer, popular camps fill up fast, so check out our favorite free and affordable camps in the Houston area and more camps for kids of all ages and interests in our Houston Summer Camp Guide.



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