Space City Fencing Academy

Space City Fencing Academy is one of the nation’s largest and most successful fencing clubs. The club's recreational fencing summer camps and classes for beginners are unique, athletic, and fun all summer long. Its indoor program features world class instructors for six-year-olds all the way up to adults who are interested in the exciting world of swordplay.

There are many benefits to taking a fencing class. Fencing is a lifelong activity that will help in many areas of life, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Flexibility improvement
  • Better reflexes
  • Greater strength
  • Coordination increased
  • Stress levels reduced
  • Better mental clarity
  • Better heart health
  • Self-discipline improved
  • Confidence builder.

Fencing students learn amazing skills at any age. In Space City fencing classes, students learn what it is like to work on something that is physically demanding. Fencing is a sport that requires independent thinking and proper discipline—strategic thinking and engagement of both the body and mind. Good sportsmanship and self-discipline are vital for a fencer, as are blade-work, footwork, and tactics.

If you are new to this sport or not sure what it’s about for your kid, try a summer fencing camp. Fencing can be very engaging and helps with a child’s imagination. It’s fast-moving and requires thinking ahead and focus. A child’s creativity level is sparked, and they start coming up with different moves and great strategies to outdo their opponent. They are learning to adapt quickly to every situation, and they practice interacting physically and verbally. Getting a child into fencing can even be a great alternative to screen time!