Houston's Spookiest Haunted Houses and Attractions for Halloween

Check out the scarier side of Halloween at these area horror houses and mazes.

While Houston offers several Halloween-themed events and attractions safe for the littlest trick-or-treater, like the Zoo Boo or Scream on the Green, those of you with older children may want something a little stronger in the scare department. We've rounded up a list of Houston area haunted houses that are not for the faint of heart - most of these destinations have age requirements of 12 and up. If you're feeling daring, take a trip to one of these haunted horrors, and don't forget to scream at least a little softer than your pre-teen.

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ScreamWorld - Greenspoint
2225 N. Sam Houston Parkway W., Houston
If trudging through a zombie bog or running from monsters in the Voodoo Swamp isn't enough for you, ScreamWorld also houses the Maze of Maniacs and the disturbing Jake's Slaughterhouse. One ticket gets you into all five attractions, and they all flow into one another.

Dungeon of Doom - Kemah
No. 8 Kemah Boardwalk, Kemah
The screams from Kemah Boardwalk's amusement rides mingle with the screams of terrified souls inside the mysterious Dungeon of Doom. Despite the looming threat of chainsaws and bloody clowns, the entire facility is air-conditioned. So, if you have the courage you could spend as long as you want in the twisted hallways. Find the massive maze in the breezeway underneath Boardwalk Inn.

Houston Scream Fest - Pasadena
1500 Elton St., Houston
Houston Scream Fest definitely has the most to offer in the terror department. There are 10 attractions, including two zombie paintball fields. Yes, zombie paintball. Visitors under 18 years old need a parent or guardian to sign a release form before playing. Scream Fest also features live entertainment, midway carnival games, food vendors, and Halloween movies on the big screen. 

Phobia Haunted Houses - South Houston
5250 S. Sam Houston Parkway E., Houston
Escape the horrible mutations of science experiments gone wrong from Genetic Nightmare and the technologically advanced terrors in Dawn of the Machine at Phobia. There are six attractions, and the two previously mentioned are stand-alone as well as Mind Control, an out-of-control mental hospital. Three additional attractions are linked to one ticket - Darke World, Savage Ground, and Contagion. Management recommends going into the haunts in groups of six to eight and wearing comfy shoes.

Houston Terror Dome - Channelview
16030 East Freeway, Channelview
You won't look at your kids' Little People farm set again after setting foot in "The Barn," where the animals take revenge and do the slaughtering. It's a new attraction at Houston Terror Dome along with a zombie paintball zone where you can actually shoot live clowns. As someone who was victimized by "It" as a young person, this is a win. All of the dome's haunts use Hollywood-quality props, and its website even says there are no "15-year-old actors standing in the corner with a chain." Folks, they mean business.

Creepy Hollow Haunted House - Rosharon
12872 Valley Vista Drive, Rosharon
The three main attractions at this south Houston horror show are Pitch Black, Dark Woods and the Scare Factory. One ticket gets you into all of them along with the multiple smaller attractions, which include the Freak Show and Creepy Hollow World of Oddities. What's neat is here you can scare yourself for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds is donated to local charities. 

The Haunted Trails - Northwest Houston
11500 Antoine Drive, Houston
See what's lurking in the trees at the Haunted Trails, and then get away as fast as you can. The haunted house combines the real horrors of feeling lost in a woods and feeling like you're being chased. It has two attractions, including Psycho Hollow, which is a weird and terrifying forest filled with clowns and freaks. One ticket package includes 3D glasses to further enhance your experience in the woods.

The Kingwood Asylum - Kingwood
1963 Northpark Drive, Kingwood
The tortured souls at the Kingwood Asylum never left and are here to haunt your dreams after one visit in this spooky asylum. It started in 2007 as a pet project of a group of friends in Kingwood and has since grown and merged with the Glasgow Haunt out of Tarkington in 2014, which was a family-run staple in the area for several years. The asylum and its haunted "Hollowed Grounds" train students about creating and building sets and scenes, theatrical lighting, costuming, makeup, and more. But back to scary stuff. The asylum is full of undead patients lurking around every corner, and they aren't so happy about being used as lab rats for some highly illegal and gruesome experiments.

REDRUM Haunted House - Richmond
1800 E. Hwy. 90, Richmond
There are three haunts at this southwest Houston horror complex, including Cinegore, which blurs the line between reality and illusion. There's also the 3D Twisted Circus and Deadwood Asylum, which have been revamped and are returning favorites from last year, as well as live entertainment. Parking is free, and there is a food truck with refreshments for when you're done with the haunts.

TRX Haunted Zombie Shoot - Cypress
Oct. 27, 2018
15550 Grant Road, Cypress

Jump into an interactive game where you shoot zombies with paintballs and run for your life! Be prepared to be immersed in a spooky battleground filled with fog, strobe lights, and zombies. You will most likely get wet and muddy. Participants must be at least 10-years-old, and it's strongly recommended that younger children stay at home.

Photo courtesy of ScreamWorld

This post originally published in September 2016.

2225 N. Sam Houston Parkway W.
77038 Houston , TX
Phone: 713-914-1313
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Phobia Haunted Houses
5250 S. Sam Houston Parkway E.
77048 Houston , TX
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29° 35' 56.4144" N, 95° 20' 10.8672" W
REDRUM Haunted House
1800 E. Hwy. 90
77046 Richmond , TX
Phone: 832-872-2733
29° 35' 44.4804" N, 95° 44' 4.542" W
Kingwood Asylum
1963 Northpark Drive
77339 Kingwood , TX
Phone: 832-640-8367
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Dungeon of Doom
#8 Kemah Boardwalk
77565 Kemah , TX
Phone: 281-535-8100
29° 32' 33.828" N, 95° 1' 13.7424" W
Haunted Trails
11500 Antoine Drive
77066 Houston , TX
Phone: 713-618-3323
29° 57' 2.34" N, 95° 28' 59.5416" W
Houston Scream Fest
1500 Elton St.
77034 Houston , TX
Phone: 713-946-2266
29° 38' 58.5744" N, 95° 14' 52.9512" W
Nightmare on the Bayou
1515 Studemont St.
77007 Houston , TX
Phone: 713-868-3344
29° 46' 31.206" N, 95° 23' 25.6092" W
Houston Terror Dome
16030 East Freeway
77530 Channelview , TX
Phone: 281-864-9686
29° 46' 47.8164" N, 95° 7' 3.0396" W
TXR Haunted Zombie Shoot at TXR Paintball
15550 Grant Rd.
77429 Cypress , TX
Phone: 281-357-4300
30° 1' 26.8536" N, 95° 38' 59.9352" W
Texas Zombie Hunt
22011 Southwest Freeway
77469 Richmond , TX
Phone: 832-846-2940
29° 33' 14.6088" N, 95° 42' 55.7028" W