Handprint turkeys are a classic.
Handprint turkeys are a classic.

25 Thanksgiving Games and Crafts for Kids and Families

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with the people we love; and even though Thanksgiving 2020 is likely to be celebrated with fewer people in the room than other years, there are still ways to create fun memories with family and friends. Before the turkey is in the oven, you can set up a few of these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids, and whether in person or on a Thanksgiving Zoom call, holiday games can keep everyone connected. From traditional handprint turkeys to the Great Yam Race, stuff a little fun into your family dinner this year.

Don't forget to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and more virtual celebrations online!

Thanksgiving Crafts To Make with Kids 

Pie garland Thanksgiving craft

1. Pie Garland 

Deck your halls with crafty slices of pie. This Thanksgiving art project uses paper plates and construction paper to create a pie garland so sweet, you might want to eat it. 

2. Acorn Napkin Rings

Add a homemade touch to your holiday table with these easy-to-make acorn napkin rings. A toilet paper roll, some yarn, and acorns add just the right personalized touch to the holiday table. 

3. Spice Dough

For many people, the scent of nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon invokes the warm and cozy feeling of the holidays. This Spice Playdough not only smells like homemade pumpkin pie, but it will also keep little hands occupied during the Thanksgiving feast!  

4. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Yummy yummy yummy, we've got turkey cookies in our tummy! Spend some quality time with family making some adorably delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies. 

5. Fruit Turkeys

This turkey isn’t just plump and perky; he’s downright delicious, too! Make some Thanksgiving memories while making one of these fruit turkeys out of an apple. 

Kindness rocks Thanksgiving craft

6. Thankful Rocks 

A festive spin on Kindness Rocks, we paint “things we are thankful for” on smooth rocks. You can display everyone’s in a jar and watch your collection grow every year.

7. Turkey Joke Teller 

Why did the turkey cross the road? I’m not sure ...but I am sure that this Turkey Joke Teller will keep the kids happily occupied at the Thanksgiving table. Download the free printable in color or in a black and white version for the kids’ table. 

8. Cork Turkeys 

You can use these cork turkeys as tabletop decor, place card holders, or just for fun. Collect some corks and create turkeys with a few feathers, construction paper, and some googly eyes. 

9. Handprint Turkey Place Cards 

These are really easy to make but add such a lovely personalized touch to the table. We folded over a piece of cardstock to create our place card, then created a handprint turkey on each one.  It’s really fun to pull these out each year and see how much everyone has grown. 

Handprint wreath Thanksgiving craft

10. Handprint Wreath

Handprint crafts always hold a special place in my heart, and this handprint wreath certainly pulls at my heartstrings. Simply trace the outline of a hand onto construction paper and cut it out. Repeat until you have enough hands to form a circular shape. You can personalize this Thanksgiving craft by writing something everyone is thankful for on the handprints. 

11. Leaf Bowls 

Preserve a little slice of fall foliage by making a leaf bowl centerpiece. Head outside and collect the autumn leaves -- the brighter the better! Use the finished product as part of a Thanksgiving tablescape. 

12. Fall Luminaries

Add a fall glow to your holiday table by making a Fall Luminary. Use tissue paper and Mod Podge to decorate the surface of a mason jar. Older kids can create more intricate patterns, while preschoolers will enjoy ripping the tissue paper into smaller pieces. 

Coffee filter turkeys Thanksgiving craft

13. Coffee Filter Turkeys 

A cardboard tube and a coffee filter come together to create this fetching feathered friend. Recreate a turkey’s beautiful plumage using a coffee filter and watercolor paints. Add details to your coffee filter turkey using scraps of construction paper. 

14. Pinecone Turkeys 

These playful pinecone turkeys add a little fun and whimsy to a holiday table. The shape of a pinecone and its scales make a perfect turkey with a little paint and some pom-poms. 

15. Thankful Pie Spinner

Help kids express their gratitude by making a Thankful Pie Spinner. This craft is not only cute, but it also teaches kids to express things that they are thankful for. 

Thanksgiving Games to play with your Family 

16. Thanksgiving Family Feud 

I call fowl play! It's all fun and games with Thanksgiving Family Feud. You can host your own version at home or on Zoom, based on the popular television show. Use this tutorial to get started. 

Pie face Thanksgiving game

17. Pie Face 

Playing Pie Face has become a bit of a family tradition at my house. This “no skill needed” game of chance is always good for a few good belly laughs. 

18. Thanksgiving Charades

One word. Sounds like “wavy.” Thanksgiving charades is a great game to play with the entire family, young and old. Download this free printable to get the game started. 

19. Sweet Potato Race

A little family competition can be a good thing. Give each player a raw yam. Using only a soup spoon to push the yam around, see who can cross the finish line first. 

20. Turkey Trivia 

How much do you REALLY know about turkeys? Have the kids do a little research (or download this printable) about our feathered friends and use the info for a dinnertime trivia game.. 

21. Turkey Bingo 

Who has room for dessert? Have a little fun while you digest your dinner by playing a round or two of turkey bingo

22. Thanksgiving Pictionary 

Everyone is an artist, and that’s what makes Pictionary the perfect game to play with the entire family. Thanksgiving Pictionary is puts a festive spin on this classic game making it perfect for emerging readers. 

23. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Can you take a photo of "someone catching a football?" How about "playing in the fall leaves” or just “wearing a scarf”? Send the kids on an epic adventure with this Fall Scavenger Hunt.  

24. I Spy Thanksgiving Game 

Patiently waiting for your meal to be served is no easy task -- especially for kids. Place these  I Spy Thanksgiving sheets around the table to keep everyone happy. 

25. Minute To Win It Thanksgiving Games 

It only takes a minute to have a whole lot of fun. These Thanksgiving games are simple and use commonly found objects around the house.

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