Self Esteem, Bullying and Social Skills Classes for Kids in CT

I can hardly believe it, but my oldest child is starting middle school this fall.  How has this happened?  Now, my daughter is super excited, but I’m a little nervous – middle schoolers, as we all know, can be a tough crowd. Especially to those of us who were lucky enough to be sporting Coke bottle glasses, braces, and orthopedic shoes (thanks, Mom…)

The good news is that, while middle school is undoubtedly full of the same angst ridden pre-teens and bullies as it was 20 years ago, parents and teachers are much more aware of the social dynamic amongst the students.  In fact, Fairfield County has mandated a great deal of anti-bullying initiatives within the public schools.

Like many other parents, I want to make sure that my child is neither being bullied, nor bullying anyone else.  To that end, I’ve been looking into local Fairfield County classes, workshops, and programs that might provide some positive messaging and friendship navigation assistance to pre teens and teenagers.  Check out the ones I've found, or take a look at our complete guide to classes in Connecticut.

Weekday Picks: Fireworks, Outdoor Movies, and Tall Ships, July 3-7, 2017

This week is sure to be filled with patriotism and lots of fireworks. In honor of the holiday, most public libraries are closed on Tuesday, but many nature centers and museums are open and feature special programming. The rest of the week includes free outdoor movies, an outdoor concert on the beach, and the kickoff to Sailfest.  The Event Calendar is chock full of other suggestions so check back here often and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to stay up to date. Happy birthday, America!

30 Unmissable Things to do with Kids in the Hartford area

I have a thing with lists…I love them! Grocery lists, bucket lists, to-do lists you name it I make it. When I was living in New York the Mommy Poppins 100 Things to do in NYC with your child before they grow was like my holy grail. So of course after moving to Hartford I deemed it necessary to come up with a similar list in my own area. While New Englanders may have some stiff competition against the endless amount of things to do in NYC, Connecticut does not disappoint us. There are plenty of things in our very own list of 110 Things to do in Connecticut that will help to form our children into the full-fledged Yankee Doodles that they will grow into.

Best Playgrounds and Playscapes in New London County

From beach-front plays areas to boundless playscapes accessible to all abilities, New London County is home to some amazing playgrounds and many are opened year-round. So pack sunblock on a summer day or an extra sweater for those chilly days, and soak up their giggles as they burn off energy and make new friends. 

Taking a Fresh Water Dip in the Hartford Area

Hot summer days often have us running toward refreshing bodies of water, and if the ocean is out of reach, for outdoor water fun in the Hartford area, not only are there many splash parks and public pools in the area, but you can also get in touch with nature and take a refreshing dip in one of the local lakes, ponds, or rivers. Grab towels, pack the sunblock and water goggles, (don't forget the kids!) and have a fantastic day.

Digging up Dinos at The Dinosaur State Park

Few things excite the imagination of youngsters the way dinosaurs do. When I was in second grade, I would devour every ounce of information I could find about dinosaurs. Let me tell you, Pre-Google, this was no easy task! Once upon a time, Dinosaurs roamed the land that we now call Hartford County. Fortunately for us, a little piece of this pre-history has been preserved in The Dinosaur State Park. Now that my daughter has her own questions about dinosaurs, I decided to step away from the screens, and head out to the park where we could get up close and personal to this  pre-historic slice of our past.

July GoList: The Best Things To Do With CT Kids This Month

Summer festivals, fairs, carnivals, and more abound in Connecticut this July. Our CT July GoList highlights the best things to do with kids throughout the month including free jazz all weekend during the Hartford Festival of Jazz at Bushnell Park, tall ship tours, music and carnival rides at Sailfest in New London, a food truck festival, and a Blueberry Fest in Middlefield. Our list of over forty 4th of July fireworks shows will make sure you don't miss the firework displays. 

Below are our top 21 things to do with kids in Connecticut this July. Be sure to click through to each listing for all the details, including address and time. Of course our Summer Fun Guide is a terrific resource for family fun, too! And make sure to follow us on our new Instagram page

Where to Take Gymnastics Classes in Fairfield County

Who among us was not inspired by the Final Five (or, for the parental set, by the age-defying Oksana Chusovitina) in Rio? My daughter hung up her leotard long ago, but I couldn't help but smile when I saw her walking on the curb as if it were a balance beam and flashing her best Simone Biles-like grin.

Happily, there are many programs in Fairfield County that offer gymnastics at all levels, from elite competitive teams to Mommy and Me recreational classes for children as young as 12 months. Be sure to check out our complete guide to classes in Fairfield County, CT.

Paint Your Own Pottery Places for Connecticut Kids

Now and then you need just a really good, crafty indoor activity with the kiddos. In winter, after we’ve skated indoors and outdoorssledded, and tried winter sports, we are ready to head inside. The same is true for summer days! After hours of fishing, kayaking and hiking, my kids are ready for some good hands-on craft time. Even with a list of great indoor play places, sometimes the kids need an activity that's a little more relaxing. For this, any of the numerous paint your own pottery studios in the Hartford area or Fairfield County area fit the bill.

50 Things to Do on a Martha’s Vineyard Summer Family Vacation

Martha's Vineyard is a place out of time. Celebrities and presidents vacation alongside ordinary folks who populate the island year-round. Elegant boutiques share sidewalks with rusty bait shacks. You won't find water parks or go-karts, but there's still plenty to do with kids on this island off the coast of Cape Cod. Many of the highlights of your stay will be local fairs, parades, and even ball games that tend to bring the community together. Or you may just choose to lounge on the magnificent beaches and sample cold treats from the local ice cream stand. Every family will soak up the island culture in its own way, but here are 50 ways we're pretty sure you can't go wrong when vacationing on the Vineyard. 


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