Indoor Events for Kids in Connecticut (Hartford County)

The winter months can seem very long when its frigid cold and you’re trying to stay indoors. But just because the temperatures dropped it doesn’t mean you have to go into hiding. There are still plenty of indoor options that can help to lure you out of your home and still keep you toasty warm and entertained. From entertainment centers to shows and sports games check out this compilation of indoor things to do to avoid cabin fever during the cold weather season.

Some of Our Favorite Summer Camps for Kids in Fairfield County

[UPDATED 1/24/13]

Wait just a second.  I’m still eating Christmas cookies (the stale ones, anyway) and I’m getting camp brochures in the mail?  I’m thinking sledding, not swimming! But around here, it pays to think ahead about summer camps.  The right camp can make for happy summers kids…and happy summer moms. Here are just a few great summer camps in Fairfield County to choose from:

New Years Eve Events for the Whole Family in Fairfield County and the Hartford Area

New Year's Eve may look a little different these days than it once did. Sure you can still dress up all spangly and step out, but it's entirely likely that your curfew is far earlier than in years gone by. Not to worry, these days there are tons of events aimed at families with little ones in tow. We've rounded up a bunch in Fairfield and Hartford Counties. And if you happen to be one of the lucky few to have scored a sitter for the evening, we've even thrown in a couple adult only options in each location. For even more family friendly New Year's Eve fun, we've got you covered no matter what corner of the state you live in. 

Day Trips Near NYC: 10 Holiday Break Destinations for Families

While there are plenty of things to do in New York City over holiday break, school recess is a great time for families to explore the world beyond the five boroughs.

Over the years, our readers have shared their favorite family-friendly day trips. Now we've got 10 more mini-itineraries to add to the list. These getaways are all within two hours of NYC, and many are even accessible without a car. Best of all, some of them have special activities and attractions in honor of the holiday season.

Fun Things to Do with the Kids in CT This Weekend: Vienna Boys' Choir, Reindeers, North Pole Express 12/17-12/18

This particular weekend right before Christmas is always inevitably a busy one. I still have a few (okay, more than a few) presents to check off the list, meal preparations to make, decorations to be hung, preparations for house guests....oh and then the wrapping and hiding and the cookie baking and updating our holiday music playlist. Sigh...The list goes on for so many of us moms! The end goal for me is to stay calm with a smile on my face while creating happy memories for the kids. The trick is to break the work up with some fun activities. There are a few places to get that photo with Santa, see the Nutcracker, or even have the kids make a holiday craft. This week we covered places to visit with Santa in Hartford and Fairfield Counties. This weekend in particular the Vienna Boys Choir Holiday Concert is at the Bushnell. There is also a Chanuka Fever Concert in West Hartford. If, like me, you'd like to take a break and go out to dinner a night or two, check out our listing of great restaurant options in Litchfield County. Some schools finish up this Friday and some not until next. For those in Fairfield County we've rounded up fun activities for the kids over the holiday break. We love our Facebook and twitter friends and will be doing some give aways next week so please sign up to like us. Take a deep breathe and dive in. Make the most of this Merry Holiday season!

School Vacation Activities in Connecticut (Fairfield County)

In theory, Christmas break in my house will begin with my three children sleeping late, thoughtfully allowing me time to enjoy my coffee.  A peaceful 90 minutes of reading would follow, after which my husband would return from the office (I know, it’s only 11am, but this is my fantasy, after all…) and I would take a leisurely run.  Heaven.

In reality, my children will awaken at 6:30am on the first day of vacation (that’s right – an hour earlier than I drag them out of their beds on school days - ) and the arguing will commence at 6:31.  By 6:35 I will be throwing back my third cup of fully caffeinated coffee wondering how on earth we’ll make it to New Year's and the blessed return of school days.   The only hope for peace in my house?  Getting out of my house.  We need some school break activities!  A few events we will be checking out:

Where to meet Santa in Hartford County, Connecticut

There are so many fun events happening in preparation to celebrate the holidays but probably the one most children are excited about (well other than getting presents of course) is the chance to meet Santa. They have their letters ready and can’t wait to meet the man in red to share their wish lists. We all know about the usual mall sightings but here is a list of other places you and your child can also visit with Santa Claus.

Meet Santa Events in Connecticut

Do you know someone who can barely wait for Santa to come? Do you have little hopeful Santa-watchers who have secret wishes to share with good old Santa? The good news is that He is all around. Whether you would like to meet Him while shopping, having fun in a museum, browsing Christmas arts and goodies or celebrating the season in your community, you are sure to find the jolly old man somewhere near you.

Fun & Free Things To Do This Weekend with the Kids in Connecticut: See Santa, Holiday Train Rides, Family Art Adventure

Besides attending one of the following events, this weekend is a good time to cut down your own Christmas tree. We have some great family options for you in Hartford, Fairfield and Litchfield Counties. The Nutcracker is a classic that we try not to miss each year. We've rounded up shows for you all over the area. Bergdorf's holiday windows in NYC can't be beat, however you don't have to drive into the city to get a visual thrill. Check out these Holiday Window Strolls in Fairfield County. If you are in Hartford County we've listed some great events over the next couple of weeks. Our post this week on dining options on 12/25 in Fairfield County reminds me of the hilarious Chinese restaurant scene in one of my all time favorite holiday movies 'A Christmas Story'. All of that being said, enjoy the weekend with the following great list of events we've compiled. Make a paracord bracelet, go on a family art adventure or family hike, ride a vintage train or attend a reindeer festival. Have fun making happy memories with your kids!

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Family Friendly Holiday Events in Connecticut (Hartford County)

The malls are packed with holiday shoppers, decorations are up, and Santa is ringing his bell at every store entrance. With Christmas less than three weeks away the festivities are commencing and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy a holiday themed event with your family. With a variety of activities like classic theater shows to holiday lights it will surely feel more like Christmas with these great events!


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