Visiting Silverman's Farm with Kids: A Destination for CT Families

Find family fun for everyone by visiting Silverman's Farm in Easton, Connecticut. Photo by Kelly Patino
Find family fun for everyone by visiting Silverman's Farm in Easton, Connecticut. Photo by Kelly Patino
4/7/24 - By Kelly Patino

Silverman's Farm is a Connecticut staple for family-filled agriculture adventures. Easily located right of the Merrit Parkway, Silverman's Farm is hard to miss, with attractions on both sides of the road. Operating for over 100 years, Silverman's Farm is a family-owned farm offering a petting zoo, pick-your-own fruit, and a general market. If you ever want apple cider donuts during the summer, this place has you covered. Weekends get packed with families from all over the Tri-State area. Seriously, you might see more New York license plates than Connecticut tags!


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Why Silverman's Farm Is a Family Destination

Silverman's Farm is a place my family visits a dozen times a year. It's our top farm for many reasons. First, my kids are obsessed with the (year-round!) apple cider donuts at the Country Market. The Animal Farm is the perfect size for an hour or two outing where my toddler walks the entire time. Plus, the playscape in the Animal Farm is one of their favorite playgrounds to run, climb, and play farmer or fireman. The Animal Farm always has new surprises like newborn bunnies or something added to the playscape that keep us coming back. 

Must See Things at the Silverman's Farm

You have options for how to spend your day: market/pick-your-own fruit or the Animal Farm. You can't go wrong with either. I would suggest grabbing donuts and cider at the Country Market to enjoy while your kids are in the playscape. Don't need snacks? Go to the Animal Farm first. 

Image of child watching bunnies at Silverman Farm in Easton, CT. 
Bunnies are a favorite to watch hop all around the Animal Farm at Silverman's Farm. 

Animal Farm

The main reason most families come is the Animal Farm, and petting zoo. Get here right when it opens for less of a crowd. Pro tip: skip the feeding bag and have quarters ready for the old-school feed dispensers. You'll see all types of animals while walking along a stroller-friendly gravel path. Say hi to the goats, bunnies, buffalo, pigs, and more. Several washing stations are available to keep little hands clean.

If you child doesn't like feeding animals, there is still so much fun just watching the critters navigate around their areas. My daughter will watch the bunnies hop all around for at least 30 minutes. If animals aren't your kids' thing, there are other entertainment options available. My kid's favorite area is the playscape. There's a maze, picnic tables (with and without shade), and a hand-built vehicle themed playground. Any Thomas the Train fans? There's a look-alike Thomas the Train at Silverman's Farm's playscape. Bring snacks and drinks because kids never want to leave here! 

Photo of child eating an apple at Silverman Farm. 
Delicious apples to pick and enjoy while in the orchard at Silverman's Farm.

Pick Your Own Seasonal Country Market 

July through October, Silverman's Farm offers pick-your-own fruit: blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and apples. Pre-purchase bags or baskets at the Country Market, then make you way to the field. If you love apples, come pick here with over 20 varieties. Weekends are a scene during the Fall apple season, with all-out entertainment and rides on the Orchard Express to the picking area. 

Always call or check Silverman's social media for availability during the season. Picking fruit can be very hot, so always bring water and wear proper sunscreen and a hat.


Silverman's Farm is the ultimate fall destination especially in October. Apple everything and fall decor will surround your family for all the photo ops. You will not leave without a pumpkin, gourds, mums, or playtime in the famous "cereal bowl." Practice guessing a pumpkin's weight, because the pumpkin is free if you guess yours within 2 ounces. That's right: free pumpkin!

Besides pumpkins, freshly cut Christmas trees are available during the holiday season. 

Image of Country Market at Silverman's Farm in Connecticut. 
Shop in the Country Market at Silerman's Farm for yummy treats like apple cider, donuts, pies, and more. 

Country Market 

This place just screams homemade delicious everything. Going here first for snacks and beverages to enjoy while on the farm—and then again for the road home! Made from the apple orchard, the non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider is my favorite, The market is filled with cider, famous donuts, baked goodies, locally made products, produce, gifts, and flowers. 

Festivals at Silverman's Farm

Embrace Silverman's farm by attending a festival. For all fishing families, the Annual Family Fishing Derby is hosted middle to end of May. Bring your own equipment. In July, Silverman's hosts the Annual Firefly Festival which is a family- friendly night at the farm filled with entertainment for all ages to celebrate summer season. See the website for more information on upcoming festivals and events. 

Restaurants Near Silverman's Farm

If you are still hungry, there are family-friendly restaurants nearby. Greisers is a local favorite cafe known for a quick sandwich or salad. Boca Grille and Raw Bar is my kids' favorite place. Sit outside near the 18th green of H. Smith Richardson golf course to enjoy standard kid menu options. 

Image of child on tractor at Silverman's Farm. 
Spend a full day at Silverman's Farm with animals and tractors. 

Visiting Silverman's Farm

Silverman's Farm is located at 451 Sports Hill Road, Easton, CT

The Animal Farm and Country Market are open 7 days a week 9am - 5pm through December 31st. Admission to the animal farm is $7 per person (3 years and up). An animal feed bag is $5 each; this is plenty to split among two kids. Check the Silverman's Farm website with hours and availability for pick your own. Visit the Country Market to purchase bags and baskets for pick-your-own fruit prior to entering the orchard. 

Free parking is available at the animal farm and in a smaller lot near the country market. 

Know Before You Go - Silverman's Farm

* Please slow down on the road when near the farm. One side is the Market while the other right side is the Farm so a lot of people walk across via the designated crosswalk.

* Wear proper footwear for your experience. Sneakers or closed sandals are best.

* Port-a-potties are the only bathrooms located at Silverman's Farm.

* No dogs are allowed.

All photos by Kelly Patino, for Mommy Poppins.

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