Easy Easter Crafts For Kids and Preschoolers

These bunny slime jars are adorable and icky. In other words, kids adore them. Photo by the author
These bunny slime jars are adorable and icky. In other words, kids adore them. Photo by the author
3/5/24 - By Ally Noel

There are loads of Easter crafts for kids that get kids of all ages excited for a visit from the Easter Bunny. These easy Easter crafts run the gamut from upcycled toilet roll bunnies to Easter bath bombs to deliciously icky Easter slime.

And, of course there's the best Easter activity of all: dyeing Easter eggs! There's more than one way to dye an egg, and we've got loads of cool suggestions. We've also got tons more ideas for Easter fun at home, from Easter Scavenger Hunts to Easter movies for the whole family, all in our Easter Activity Guide for Families.


Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Egg Carton Flowers 

Turn that empty egg carton (and a couple of pipe cleaners) into a dozen beautiful blooms of egg carton flowers.

Potato Easter Egg Stamps

You know what's shaped like an Easter egg? A cut potato! Cut a potato in half and then grownups can cut lines, shapes, or designs. Then kids can paint the potato, and stamp away with their new homemade Easter egg stamp.

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

More of those pipe cleaners, a pair of googly eye stickers, and a set of bunny ears transform a toilet paper roll into a bunny. When you've got enough bunnies, we've got 20 more ideas for toilet paper roll crafts you can make with kids.

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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids: These eggs won't break! (They're rocks.)
These eggs won't crack! (They're really painted rocks.) Photo by Sara M.

Painted Rock Eggs

Painted rocks make perfect, non-fragile Easter decor. Go outside and collect rocks that are egg-shaped (half the fun of this project is finding these). Then use acrylic paint to transform them into the perfect Easter decor.

Bunny Slime Jars 

A few simple craft items come together to decorate adorable bunny slime jars. Check out one of our favorite slime recipes, and make a few for your neighborhood friends.

Peep Slime

Speaking of slime, put those Peeps to a better use than causing cavities! Microwave for 30 seconds five peeps with one tablespoon of oil (vegetable or coconut). Stir, and add 2-3 tablespoons of cornstarch, mixing together until slime consistency is reached!

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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids:Use old plastic eggs for this fun learning game.
Mix and match letters to make words in this easy learning game. Photo by the author

Easter Egg Game

Reuse all that colorful plastic in this fun learning game with plastic Easter eggs. With just a permanent marker, you can make simple phonics games, rhyming games, or teach sight words.

Bunny Napkins

Set a beautiful Easter table by folding a bunny napkin for each place setting. These napkins create the perfect touch for all your holiday entertaining.

Easter Egg Watercolor Salt Craft

Raised salt paintings are a wonderful, open-ended art project for children of all ages. All you need is glue, salt, and watercolors to create these beautiful swirly, whirly, Easter-themed works of art.

Easter Egg Piñata

It’s always a party with a piñata! With a balloon, some newspaper, glue, and tissue paper you can create the perfect egg-shaped piñata to fill with all sorts of Easter candy. You can also make a paper bag piñata and fill it with Easter goodies!

Clay Bunny Bowls

We love these clay bunny bowls because they are absolutely adorable and easy to make. All you need is air-dry clay and a bowl to create this bowl’s bunny simple bunny silhouette.

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Easy Easter Crafts for Kids: Clothespin eggs hide a cute chick surprise.
These Clothespin Easter Eggs have a cute surprise inside. Photo courtesy One Little Project

Clothespin Easter Eggs

Peekaboo! I see you! This simple craft project is always a good idea; whether you make a few of these clothespin Easter eggs to throw into baskets or to keep little ones occupied during a family meal.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

It’s an Easter miracle—the kids are begging to take a bath! Use plastic eggs to create the mold for these sensational bath bombs.

Easy Paper Bunnies

All you need is construction paper, scissors, and tape or glue! Cut paper into three long strips, glue them into a snowflake, and then glue the tips together to make a ball. Put a smaller ball on top, add ears, and instant bunny. Easy Peasy and Fun has a great step-by-step tutorial.

Spoon Bunnies

Use any kind of disposable spoon, like wood or plastic (or even a spoon from a thrift store; just not a spoon you want to eat from again!). Glue folded pipe cleaners for ears to the bowl of the spoon, and on the back side you can draw a little face and whiskers with markers.