Take your paint and brush outside for some outdoor watercoloring.
Take your paint and brush outside for some outdoor watercoloring.

100 Awesome Kids Crafts for Creative At-Home Fun

Did you know that plastic milk jugs make awesome fairy houses, or that sugar cubes are a fun substitute for Lego bricks? Sometimes we all need a little push to get the creative juices flowing. Here is a mega list of 100 art projects that you can do with your kids in the comfort of your own home. From paper crafts to slime, from STEM activities to boredom busters, this list has something for everyone.

This beautiful nature weaving takes just a few items to make. Photo by DirtyKids HappyKids via Instagram

1. Grab some twine, sticks, and whatever you can find around the yard to make a stunning nature weaving.

Spend some time creating mandala art together. Photo by tobeadaydreamer via Instagram

2. Part art, part meditation, mandala art is a calming activity that you can do almost anywhere.

3. Sundials have been around since ancient times. See if you can figure out what time it is by making one on your own.

4. Let your kids discover the textures of different seashells by painting them fantastic colors!

5. Create kindness and cultivate compassion—all by painting a rock!

6. Sponge balls are just as fun as water balloons—but reusable! Learn how to make them here.

7. The possibilities are endless when you mix glue and a few other materials to create the perfect slime.

Kids love squirt guns, and when you fill them with paint it takes artmaking to a whole new level. 

8. Fill water guns with paint and watch the colors swirl, drip, and splatter with Squirt Gun Painting.

9. When you bend and cut cardboard tubes, you can create stamps that are perfect for chubby little hands.

10. Create hundreds of tiny bubbles with a single breath, with a bubble snake gun.

11. Is it too rainy/hot/cold/snowy/windy to head outdoors? Then a game of balloon tennis is the perfect way to get out some of that energy! 

12. Follow these three easy steps to make a Straw Whistle and you will be humming a happy tune! 

13. Tie dye without the mess? Yes, it can be done! Learn how to create beautiful swirls with sharpies.

14. Kids go through a lot of t-shirts. You can turn them into market totes with this easy no-sew method. 

15. Explore the intricate balance of nature in a mason jar with a Tabletop Biosphere.

16. When in doubt, make Play-Dough.

17. Little ones will love digging into these sensory bins for exploratory play.

An easy way to make cards or paintings is with celery stalks and paint.

18. Create a beautiful bouquet of stamped roses using paint and a celery stalk.

19. Any greeting card can be turned into a bookmark with some ribbon or string. 

20. Make a cute garden-themed busy box from felt scraps.

21. Keep the magic of summer alive by creating a Nature Wand!

22. Learn about the Japanese art of Gyotaku (or fish printing ) to measure the daily catch. 

23. Sugar cubes are good for way more than sweetening beverages! Engineer structures like houses or Sugar Cube Igloos  

24. Create a winter wonderland inside a mason jar with water, glitter, and some corn syrup. 

25. Don't recycle that empty egg carton before pulling out the paints to make pretty Egg Carton Flowers.

Kids love collecting things, and making a frame is a great way to keep all their keepsakes together

26. Use found objects to create a memory frame and preserve your family vacation. 

I Spy Bottles are a great way to recycle materials and keep your kids entertained at almost no cost. 

27. Keep your road trip entertainment screen-free by making an I Spy Bottle. 

28. Believe it or not, you don't need fancy equipment to make homemade ice cream: Try this step-by-step for making ice cream in a bag.

29. Make a cute, easy kite from a paper lunch bag.

Turn your own scraps of paper in a cool paper mache bowl. 

30. The more colors, the merrier! Turn leftover scraps of paper into a functional paper mache bowl.

Build anything from race cars to dinosaurs to robots with Velcro Blocks.

31. Upgrade your wooden blocks and build towers in any direction with these Velcro Blocks.

32. Say hello to summer breezes by making earth-friendly wind chimes. 

Have fun creating a verdant little world in a Mason jar.

33. Introduce your kids to gardening with Mason Jar Terrariums.

Hang these sweet little bird feeders and watch the birds flock to your house. 

34. Not only are bird feeders super fun to make, they provide hours of entertainment for the kids, plus nourishment for the neighborhood flock.   

35. Transform an old plastic milk jug into an awesome Fairy House. Bonus: it’s waterproof—so it can live outdoors in the yard.

36. Create unique jewels to rival the queen's using nothing more than buttons and pipe cleaners 

37. Simply freeze a shallow pan of water to create this Mini Winter Olympics  

38. Boring paintbrushes are so last year! Watch the colors spread across the paper when you paint with a straw.

39. Turn swirls and whirls of glue into mini masterpieces with easy salt painting.

40. Surprise yourself with these one-of-a kind paint creations made with string.

41. Finger crocheting is the perfect travel craft—you need very few supplies (just yarn and your fingers) and the possibilities are endless.   

42. Send secret messages with crayons and water colors. Find out how here.

43. We all know that thumb prints are unique. So, it seems to make sense to turn them into original pieces of art 

44. Create glistening natural artwork using frozen water and natural elements such as leaves, sticks, and flowers. 

45. Adorn t-shirts and tote bags (or anything else made of fabric) with this super simple no-wax batik method.

46. Ice paints are a perfect way to spend a warm afternoon with your favorite toddler. 

47. Take a hike and make an awesome nature bracelet

Make your own boats with your old pool noodles. 

48. Repurpose those worn out pool noodles into a boat and keep the fun afloat!

49. Simply mix vanilla pudding with food coloring and presto: You have pudding paint. 

50. If nature provides the best inspiration, then Nature Paint Brushes are sure to take creativity to the next level.  

51. Edible science is aways a win in my book. Homemade rock candy is a surefire hit! 

52. Just about any leftover scraps of paper can be transformed into paper beads. A little attention to detail and a whole lot of Mod Podge will result in these awesome designs.  

53. Upcycle those magazines into something useful. Make your own envelopes following these simple directions

54. You may have outgrown your favorite t-shirt, but that’s no reason to toss it. Transform rags into riches with this easy T-Shirt Bracelet 

55. If you find the sound of rain pattering against the windows soothing, then you will love this Rain Stick 

56. Munch your way through a rainbow with this easy food art!

57. Even the youngest of artists will get awesome results from Tape Resist Name Art.

58. With enough practice, you can fold little squares of origami paper into just about anything.

59. There is a lot of prep involved in making String Art. But the quiet time spent winding embroidery floss around tiny nails may make it worth it.

60. Get pitch perfect by creating a harmonica using craft sticks and elastic bands.

61. Popsicle stick weaving is wonderfully colorful and brings up memories of time spent in camp as a kid.

62. Make dreamcatchers out of paper plates to capture all those whimsical childhood ideas.

63. Host a Marshmallow Toothpick Building competition for the neighborhood. She who builds the tallest tower gets to eat all the marshmallows!

64. Arm Knitting is perfect way to introduce kids to knitting. Learn how to make an awesome infinity scarf.

65. Originally from Panama, molas are colorful fabric panels. Learn how to make them out of paper here.

66. Design a mini parachute to send a favorite toy into flight.

67. Grab some beans, old coffee cans, elastic bands, cardboard boxes, and whatever else moves you and make a recycled musical instrument.

68. After you’ve peeled your avocado, turn the skin into a boat!

What better way to use summer flowers than to make lovely and simple flower crowns? 

69. Whimsical flower crowns are easier to make than you may think. Get all the details here.

70. Paper plate twisting is an action art activity that is perfect for a tactile learner.

71. Pop! Pop! Pop! Who can resist bubble wrap? Mix in a little paint and this craft is pretty much irresistible.

72. Bathtubs are the perfect place for a little messy play! This Bathtub Finger Paint does not disappoint.

73. Water colors accentuate the texture and patterns of crumpled paper. Next time you are about to toss a sheet in the recycling bin, turn it into art instead.

74. Puppet play is great for social-emotional growth and early literacy skills. These super-simple popsicle stick puppets bring imagination to life.

75. Design your own necklace using these easy and unique Perler Bead Necklace patterns.

76. Being on trend has never been so easy: Make this adorable Pom Pom Necklace.

77. Transform pom-poms and clothes pins into paint brushes to create these simple flowers.

78. Simply wrap colorful yarn around a chenille stem to create these stunning yarn words and shapes.

79. Macrame is the art of knotting cord or yarn to create different patterns. Learn how to make a simple wall hanging here.

80. We all know what happens when you mix oil and water. Add a little food coloring and salt to this scientific reaction and create a Lava Lamp.

81. Shrinky Dinks were pretty much a staple of my childhood, but did you know you can make them from recycled plastic you probably have in your home? Learn how here.

82. Pinwheels are one of those things that makes us all wish for “the good old days”. Lucky for you and the kids, they are really easy to make!

83. Popsicle stick puzzles don’t have lots of little pieces that can get lost, which makes them even more fun.

84. Turn all those souvenir theme park and amusement park maps into magnets and let the family fun memories "stick" with you.

85. A few twirls of a pipe cleaner around a finger will open up a whole world of imaginative play.

86. Turn cookies, candies, and cereals into beads with this deliciously creative Candy Necklace.

87. Nothing makes my kid smile more than bubbles—add paint to those bubbles and watch the fun begin.

88. Make your own sun print paper with construction paper, contact paper, and a little bit of patience. Learn how here.

89. Q-Tip Painting produces stunning works of pointillist style art.

Watercolors on coffee filters make a magical masterpiece. 

90. The swirls and whirls of watercolors on coffee filters is pure magic. Transform these creations into a coffee filter butterfly.

91. Wiggly Worm Puppets take about ten minutes to make—and leave zero mess behind. Plus, they are good for hours of imaginative play.

92. This is one activity you won’t have to clean up after: Race your soap boats all while learning about friction.

93. Salad spinner art is budget friendly and easy to set up. Plus, the paint splatters are contained for easy clean up!

94. Nature provides us with such a beautiful canvas. Examine the structure of a leaf or the texture of tree bark by making Nature Rubbings.

95. Make a healthy popsicle with fruit, yogurt and a touch of honey.

96. Watching tiny spheres of color explode onto a canvas is mesmerizing when you create water balloon art.

97. You can literally never have enough bubbles! Tape together a handful of straws and become your own personal bubble machine!

98. Your kids will never have as much fun getting clean as they will with these easy DIY Bath Bombs.

99. Cool off while looking cool with these handmade paper fans.

100. There is nothing quite as thrilling to a toddler as watching marbles race through this homemade Cardboard Tube Run.

Unless noted, photos by the author

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