17 Accessible Playgrounds in NYC for Special Needs Kids

Climb aboard the Sway Fun at the accessible playground in Bloomingdale Park on Staten Island. Photo courtesy of NYC Parks
Climb aboard the Sway Fun at the accessible playground in Bloomingdale Park on Staten Island. Photo courtesy of NYC Parks
6/28/22 - By Amy Meader

There's certainly no shortage of wonderful playgrounds and parks in New York City. But when you add a child with special needs into the mix, the selection of truly great playgrounds suddenly seems much smaller. As a mom of a special needs child, I've explored quite a few of the city's playgrounds in search of the best accessible playgrounds for all children.

Happily, many of these accessible playgrounds in NYC meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, and there are literally hundreds of special needs-friendly playgrounds throughout NYC. Some also include accessible JennSwings, those big plastic swings that offer full-body positioning support for kids up to 125 pounds. Because the adaptive swing doesn't always appeal to my son, there need to be other attractions for a playground to be cool in his book.

I'm spotlighting 17 playgrounds I feel truly are the best for special needs kids. Not only are they accessible playgrounds (half the battle), they're fun for all ages, with and without special needs. Grab some sunblock, towels, sand toys, and running shoes and get exploring. Be sure to bookmark our Guide to Parks and Playgrounds in NYC for more picks no matter your child's age or interest.


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The Parks Department's website has a list of Accessible Playground Definitions, so when you search through its comprehensive list of playgrounds, you can easily identify which ones will be best suited for your child's needs. For example, accessible playgrounds classified as Level 1, or “Playgrounds for All Children,” are designed to provide recreation for children of all ages and abilities, with ramped play equipment, ground-level play features, and wheelchair-accessible tables and drinking fountains. Levels 2, 3, and 4 provide different types of accessible equipment. The playgrounds below meet requirements of varying accessibility levels.

Accessible Playgrounds in Manhattan

1. Police Officer Moira Ann Smith Playground – Madison Square

My family loves coming to this park. The playground has a ton of activities throughout the year, so be sure to check out the calendar of events to see what's going on. This playground is accessible to visitors of all abilities and is especially wheelchair friendly. My son loves the climbing structures as they are high, but not in a scary way, which boosts his confidence. There are great smaller slides for toddlers, and the ground is super soft, making those just learning how to walk feel comfortable. After playing, take in one of the great public art installations within the park or grab a milkshake from the original Shake Shack.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Imagination Playground
Imagination Playground was designed to be accessible, immersive, and interactive. Photo by the author

2. Imagination Playground – South Street Seaport

Located in the heart of the South Street Seaport, the Imagination Playground, designed by famed architect David Rockwell, is an immersive and interactive space that allows kids of all ages to create their own play space with big blue foam blocks and sand. The possibilities are endless here. A giant slide accessed by a large ramp, climbing structures, and a beautifully designed water play area are just some of the major perks. Umbrellas help keep parents and caregivers cool while kids are able to flex their imaginative muscles. Bonus: There is a bathroom on-site.

3. Pearl Street Playground – Financial District

This playground is perfect for toddlers. Pearl Street Playground may not have many bells and whistles, but what it does have is a clean water play area, a small sandbox, toddler swings, and two climbing structures. One is great for toddlers and those just learning to walk and explore, while a higher one is perfect for preschoolers. There are two house structures, steering wheels, and a nautical rope (which is great for swinging and balancing). It is fully accessible for wheelchairs and is just steps from the South Street Seaport.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Pier 25 playground
JennSwings offer accessible fun for all at the Pier 25 Playground. Photo by the author

4. Pier 25 Playground – Tribeca

A summer day in the city is well spent at this amazing play area in Tribeca. It has ground-level activities, and a very low and vast sand area that is easily accessible. The sprinkler area is also quite large and accessible to all needs. Kids with great climbing abilities love the rock wall and the space-age climbing structures.

5. Bleecker Playground – West Village

Civic leaders and neighbors came together to create this first-of-its-kind, family-friendly, inclusive play area. We love this sweet playground and have returned many times through the years for its ground-level play features and sandy play surface. My son especially loves the circular slide and red climbing structure.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Vesuvio Playground
Vesuvio Playground has a large open space for kids to do whatever they want! Photo courtesy of NYC Parks and Recreation

6. Vesuvio Playground – Soho

This sweet little playground is an oasis in bustling Soho. It's perfect for the toddler set with equipment geared toward little ones, including an elevated fort maze and fun structures to engage with. A not-so-high slide is great for those just getting into the sliding thing. There are swings, a nicely sized sandbox, and in the summer, sprinklers. It has ramped climbing structures making it easy to explore if you're on crutches or in need of assistance in climbing. There's also a restroom on-site.

7. Union Square Playground – Union Square

Fun for kids of all sizes, this cool playground has universally accessible swings, complete with an adaptive swing. The sleek-looking climbing apparatuses are a big draw for climbers of every age: Look for the large hemispherical dome used for climbing, spiral climbers, and take note: Soft, checkerboard, rubber flooring cushions any tumble.

8. Catbird Playground – Upper East Side

We love heading uptown to visit friends, where this playground in Carl Schurz Park is always a great option. The equipment here offers something for everyone, including challenging monkey bars, and a slide made of rolling steel bars that is fun for all. Recent renovations added an ADA-accessible spray shower and updated play equipment, plus more seating for parents. There are on-site bathrooms here.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Dinosaur Playground in Riverside Park
Dinosaur Playground in Riverside Park at 96th Street is accessible and special needs friendly. Photo courtesy of NYC Parks and Recreation

9. Dinosaur Playground – Upper West Side

This wheelchair-accessible playground in Riverside Park has lots of cool attractions: an extra-large enclosed sprinkler area, bathrooms on-site, and plenty of climbing structures for toddlers and big kids alike. Hint: If you sit by the sandboxes, you can see all the way from the sprinklers on one end to the monkey bars on the other.

10. Matthew P. Sapolin Playground – Upper West Side

Formerly known as Playground 70, this 100% accessible playground is a favorite. It includes a children’s garden with accessible bridges, musical instruments built into the play space, and even adjustable basketball backboards for players in wheelchairs. It's truly a winner!

11. Tarr Family Playground – Upper West Side

Even without bathrooms nearby (a critical feature for potty-training toddlers and pregnant moms!), this is still one of our favorite Central Park playgrounds. Half of the area is covered in soft sand, making it ideal for play and adventure. It features a mist and sprinkler area, tunnels, ladders, and rock-climbing structures leading to the slides. The climbing areas are tall, but easy for both big and little kids to navigate.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Playground for All Children
Flushing Meadows Park's Playground for All Children has a wheelchair-accessible layout. Photo by Daniel Avila for NYC Parks and Recreation

Accessible Playgrounds in Queens and Brooklyn

12. Playground for All Children – Corona, Queens

Headed to the kid-friendly Queens Zoo? Add this great playground in Flushing Meadows Corona Park to your trip. It has everything from playhouses to slides to sprinklers. With its spacious, wheelchair-accessible layout, brightly-colored equipment, and ample shade, it's worth checking out when you're in the area.

13. Beach 30th Street Playground – Rockaway Beach, Queens

Haven't been to the Rockaways lately? This accessible playground is all the excuse you need to plan a trip. Just steps from the ocean, the playground's equipment has a cute nautical theme with a climbable ship and lots of water play. It has universally accessible swings as well as an adaptive swing. It is ideal for climbers as it has ropes that are pretty low to the ground making it accessible for all. The water play is truly the draw here—it's one of our top Queens splash pads—as there is a cool sprinkler structure that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.

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Accessible playgrounds in NYC Sandbox Village at Pier 6
Sandbox Village at Pier 6 offers easy entry and plenty of space for families and caregivers to park strollers and other gear. Photo by Julienne Schaer

14. Sandbox Village at Pier 6 – Dumbo, Brooklyn

Arguably the city's largest sandbox, this fun play area in Brooklyn Bridge Park is easily navigable given its lower play structures. My son loves the wooden train, which is low to the ground, and wooden house structures. There is even a small water play area which instantly makes you feel like you could be at the beach. The other play areas in this park easily complement this sandy haven. Check out our comprehensive Brooklyn Bridge playground rankings for more fun nearby.

15. Owl's Head Park Playground – Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

This accessible playground is worth a trip to Bay Ridge. There is a miniature fireman's pole, which makes kids fearless! Shady seating areas and bathrooms nearby make this especially convenient, and the ample grass surrounding the playground allows for another family favorite: picnicking. This is definitely a great place for a summer weekend!

Accessible Playgrounds in Staten Island and the Bronx

16. Pelham Bay Park – Pelham Bay, the Bronx

Pelham Bay Park (which is, believe it or not, more than three times the size of Manhattan's Central Park) not only offers golf courses, hiking trails, and beautiful views along the Long Island Sound, but it is one of the Playgrounds for All Children in the city. This park features colorful play equipment and handrails that can be reached by children who are on crutches or in wheelchairs. There are tons of textured pavements, Braille signs, and accessible swings! The park has a comfort station, too, making this an ideal spot for the whole family to spend a day.

17. Bloomingdale Park Playground – Woodrow, Staten Island

As a family, we love setting out to explore other boroughs, which is why we love this wonderful park in Staten Island. There are tons of neat features for kids of all ages and abilities, but the most unique attraction is the Sway Fun, a wheelchair-accessible glider. Those are hard to find!

A version of this story was first published in 2012; it has since been updated.

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