Photos of the New Pier 25 Park and Playground in Tribeca

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Pier 25, the TriBeCa section of the Hudson River Park recently opened. The park is huge and an amazing addition to New York's riverfront with a giant playground, miniature golf, beach volleyball courts, a skate park, a small field and a sunbathing deck. Read on for details about this awesome new destination.

At the top of the pier is the playground area which is very large with several different sections. There are swings for kids and babies, regular climbing structures as well as boulders to scale and a climbing wall.

There's a sand area as well as a cool looking water play area that seems to have water guns and sprayers and buckets that fill up and dump out.

This playground is in the modern style that Parks has been implementing in their recent playgrounds, but they seem to have gotten it more right in this one with some of the others. This park has real fake rocks and rock walls to climb rather than giant burning hot metal orbs. And while it does have a spinning wheel, the wheel is so heavy and slow moving that while kids still seem to love it (and tumble gently off it) it doesn't seem like anyone is likely to get hurt without trying pretty hard—plus it's a damn good workout getting that thing to spin.

Further down the pier is mini golf and beach volleyball (not opening until Spring 2011) and a small astroturf field. Although I am not always a big fan of turf over grass, in this case I think it's great that kids will have somewhere to run around since the grass fields are often fenced off for so much of the year.

Trek all the way to the end of the pier to find some deck chairs and binoculars for peering toward New Jersey and the Statue of Liberty.
There's also a great skate boarding park and some basketball courts on the riverfront promenade at the base of the pier.

Altogether Pier 25 is an amazing public space that is going to be a huge destination and great boon for it's neighborhood. Thanks, NYC!

Pier 25 is located at West Street at the end of North Moore St. Visit the Hudson River Park website.


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