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Tim Burton at MoMA: A Family Visitor's Guide

Tim Burton is most known for his films like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, but the new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art takes you beyond the films to see the art and inspiration of the man from this childhood in California to the present. The Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA is a great show for children as Burton has claimed the art museum and taken it over with his creativity, fantasy and whimsy. This massive exhibit contains hundreds of drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos and movie memorabilia from Burton’s life and career. From the moment you step through the gaping jaws of a fantastical Tim Burton-designed creature, you are entering his world and Burton's world is a child's world (not often found at our great art institutions).

Read on for a preview of the exhibit and some tips for visiting with kids, plus read to the end to also find out how to see Tim Burton's work for free.

Celebrate Christmas in New York Old School with Sinterklaas

Before New York was New York, it was New Amsterdam and before Santa Claus was Santa Claus, he was Sinterklaas. In the Netherlands, children leave their shoes out on the night of December 5th for Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) who comes to their houses and fills the shoes with chocolates and candies (or bundles of sticks for the naughty) in celebration of St. Nicholas’s Day on December 6th.

Celebrate Christmas in New York the old school way by adding a little Sinterklaas to your Holiday mix.

Where to Meet a Fire Fighter and Learn about Fire Safety in New York City

My daughter who is 7 years old had an educational workshop about fire safety at her after school program. I'm interested in taking her to a real fire house to help bring his lesson home. Do you know of any? — Yolanda

It's great to teach our children about fire safety and I've always found the firemen at our local firehouse to be really friendly. If they're not rushing off to a fire, they generally will welcome kids into the station to check out the trucks and see what they do. But, there are also two special museums set up just to teach children about fire fighting and fire safety rather than just trying to show up at your local fire house.

Store Front: Aigner Chocolates - Chocolate Made in Queens

Aigner Chocolates, formerly known as Krause’s Candy Kitchen, is a magical walk back to the time when small shops ruled New York City. This unassuming storefront on the corner of Metropolitan Ave and 71st Road in Forest Hills, Queens has small town charm combined with homemade quality. As soon as you walk in the door, one is hit with the smell of chocolate which instantly takes me back to my childhood.

Celebrate 40 Years of Sesame Street and Get a Limited Edition Library Card

If you haven't noticed, Sesame Street has been celebrating its 40th Birthday. And it's been quite a celebration. They've gotten a street named after them and Google has been doing cute Sesame Street artwork on their homepage. But I think the coolest thing is happening at the Brooklyn Public Library where they are having some special events and kids can get a very special library card.

New Tribeca Kids Film Club and 3 Other Cool Kids Movies Series

Earlier this week we wrote about a website that helps you choose appropriate movies for your kids. Another way to find great movies for kids is to check out one of the local film series where aficionados have selected for you movies that are outstanding.

And this week there's a new option because the people who bring you the Tribeca Film Festival are turning their filmy goodness to movies for kids with the brand new Tribeca Cinemas Kids Club. Read on for the scoop on this new film series where you can catch cool flicks for kids every other Saturday starting this weekend, plus three other cool film series you won't want to miss.

Mini Jake Baby Store in Williamsburg

Mini Jake is Williamsburg, Brooklyn's hip baby design store and sister store to the neighborhood's Two Jakes, its adult counterpart. This 1500 sq foot shrine to baby design is full of some great items to spruce up your baby's room or give as gifts. And, for its size, it is quite a cozy store with little nooks for books, clothing and toys throughout the space.


3 Tricks on Where to Score Top Notch Treats—See who's giving away the good stuff this Halloween

This year we're looking for ways to cut the sugar intake of our kids on Halloween a little bit, like with this idea we had to give away toys rather than candy. But if you're going to do candy, you might as well do it right, right? Here are a couple of tips on some places that are giving away the good stuff. Skip the bite-sized Snickers and read on to find out how to score fancy chocolates, cookies, and even some candy gelato.


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