NYC Jokes for Kids

The New York jokes for kids inspire plenty of giggles no matter which corner of the five boroughs you hail from. Photo by Mommy Poppins
The New York jokes for kids inspire plenty of giggles no matter which corner of the five boroughs you hail from. Photo by Mommy Poppins
2/20/23 - By Sarah Banks

These New York jokes for kids are guaranteed to make even the most hardened city dwellers crack a smile.

We love to hear our kids giggle, and we love New York City, so we've rounded up these NYC jokes for kids to make your family laugh out loud...or groan! Either way you'll get a reaction! These New York City jokes for kids tackle well-known neighborhoods, streets, and buildings in New York, and even our beloved baseball teams.

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Best New York jokes for kids: Times Square
Times Square isn't just the crossroads of the world—it's also the punchline to one of these NYC-inspired jokes for kids. Photo by Jody Mercier

Best New York City Jokes for Kids

1. Where did the math teacher like to hang out in New York?

Times Square.

2. Where's the best place to charge your phone in NYC?

Battery Park.

3. Why did New Year's Eve in NYC stink?

They really dropped the ball!

4. Have you heard about the new Broadway show based on the dictionary?

It's a play on words.

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Best New York jokes for kids: Dogs
Our sense of humor is going to the dogs. asmo23 via Flickr

5. Where do dogs like to go in New York?

Central Bark.

6. Where did the fruit bowl want to go on vacation?

The Big Apple.

7. What newspaper do cows like to read?

The Moo York Times.

8. Where do New York fish keep their money?

In the Hudson's riverbanks.

9. Where do eggs go on vacation?

New Yolk.

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Best New York jokes for kids: Statue of Liberty
Lady Liberty doesn't have anything on athletic little New Yorkers! Photo by Jess Laird

10. Can a kid jump higher than the Statue of Liberty?

Yes! The Statue of Liberty can't jump.

11. What is the tallest building in New York?

The New York Public Library—it has the most stories.

12. Where do ghosts go for a fun weekend?

Boo York.

13. What state do dogs like?

New Yorkie.

14. What's a baker's favorite part of Manhattan?

The Lower Yeast Side.

15. What did I think about the documentary on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge?

It was riveting.

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Best New York jokes for kids: King Kong at the Empire State Building
Now we know the real reason King Kong rose to fame. Photo by Brecht Bug via Flickr

16. Why did King Kong climb the Empire State Building?

He couldn't fit in the elevator.

17. Should you visit New York in the winter?

Yes, it makes a great frost impression. However, the cold in New York is snow joke.

18. How do the Mets stay cool?

By standing close to the fans.

19. Where did the fraction buy a house?

Fifth Avenue.

20. Who earns a living by driving customers away?

A New York cab driver.

21. Why do New York Yankees go out of state when they need new uniforms?

They have to get them from New Jersey.