Peach Picking Near Atlanta: The Peach State Delivers

Fill your basket with Georgia Peaches at Dickey Farms.  Photo courtesy of the farm
Fill your basket with Georgia Peaches at Dickey Farms. Photo courtesy of the farm

Peach picking and Atlanta just make sense together — after all, Georgia is the Peach State; every road and street in our fair city has "Peachtree" in the name; heck, the fuzzy fruit appears on our license plates! So now that we've established that peach picking near Atlanta is a no-brainer in the summer, it's time to figure out where and when to pick these juicy fruits with the fam.

Prime peach picking near Atlanta occurs from mid-May to early August, though timing can be affected by issues regarding weather, crop health, etc. And since we do live in The Peach State, we're lucky to have access to great u-pick peach farms that the entire family can enjoy. Beyond picking luscious peaches, many farms offer additional family-friendly activities to entertain the kiddos.

If peaches aren't your thing (blasphemy in Georgia, but we won't tell anyone), try blueberry picking, strawberry picking, or visit another awesome u-pick farm near Atlanta for wholesome, outdoor fun. 

Peach Picking Near Atlanta

Enjoy peaches in all their tasty forms, like peach pie, at Southern Belle Farm. Photo courtesy Southern Belle Farm

Southern Belle Farm - McDonough

Southern Belle Farm is a reliable source for great u-pick fun —throughout the seasons, visitors can pick strawberries, pumpkins, blueberries, blackberries, and more. But we're all about peach picking for this article and Southern Belle offers 10 different varieties of peaches (start ripening in early June and continue through the summer). U-pick peaches are $14.95 for half-peck; $23.95 for peck (when available). Visit the Country Market for pre-picked peaches, as well as tasty items like jams, jellies, breads, and more, and see the animal farm for a few minutes to oooh and ahhh.

Dickey Farms - Musella

If there is such a thing as Georgia peach experts, they must be at Dickey Farms —they've been growing peaches for more than 120 years! This must-see peach packinghouse is a great summer day trip to middle Georgia, located about 1.5 hours south of downtown Atlanta, where families not only take home delicious peaches, but also can play on the playground, farmer's tractor, and more. Note that Dickey isn't U-pick, but visitors can schedule a packinghouse tour. And don't forget to try the homemade peach ice cream!

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Families love visiting Jaemor Farms for the exciting u-pick peach day, as well as other fun activities. Photo courtesy of Jaemor

Jaemor Farms - Alto

One of the best parts of an Atlanta summer is sinking your teeth into a juicy Jaemor peach. This 150-acre farm produces 33 varieties of peaches and sells them (and a lots of peach-based treats) at their market. Jaemor offers customers a chance to pick their own peaches during their only U-Pick Peach Day (this year it happens July 2-3, 2022), by paying admission and bag fees. If you can't make the peach picking day, visit Jaemor anyways to book an educational tour/field trip or stop by the market (multiple locations) and buy packed peaches, as well as jams, jellies, soups, and more.

Pearson Farm allows visitors to witness peachpacking and of course, sample the product. Photo courtesy Pearson Farm

Pearson Farm - Fort Valley

Though not a u-pick farm, Pearson Farm gives visitors a chance to watch peachpacking during peach season. Watch peaches roll down the belts into boxes to be shipped all over the country. In addition to watching the packing process, the best part of Pearson is sampling the products! Try the peach ice cream, homemade peach cobbler, peach pound cake, peach preserves, and much more. Bonus: There are pecans available for much of the year as well!

Sugar Hill Berry Farm - Murrayville

*Sugar Hill closed for 2022 peach season due to crop conditions

This family-owned farm grows peaches, blueberries, muscadines, and vegetables. People from all over the state flock to Murrayville to pick up the delicious Sugar Hill Berry peaches among other things. Though not quite a u-pick farm, yet, this farm is a great stop to pick up delicious peaches that come straight from the fields to the general store.

Photos courtesy of peach farms

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