Little Maestros is Music to Moms Ears

8/7/07 - By Anna Fader

Sherri Margulies is a an awesome film editor who happens to be the mom of an adorable little babe in NYC and, now, is Mommy Poppins' first contributor. Her first two posts, featured today and tomorrow, are about music activities for babies in NYC. Welcome, Sherri!



Just like everyone else in Manhattan, I learned quickly that I needed to register my little one for some classes in order to get her resume going to get into a good preschool. My nanny, who rocks, thought it best to demo some music classes. Demo classes for a 6 month old, sounded crazy, but I thought she must know something I didn't, and indeed she did. After trying out Music Together and Music for Aardvarks we came across Little Maestros and she was blown away.


Unlike most of the other classes that play recorded songs and have a class leader, Little Maestros has a full-up band. Each class is like a jam session. The kids love the live music, and the class is totally designed for their short attention spans. There's a puppet show, letter games, musical instruments for all the kids, limbo, story time, dance time, bubbles, you name it, if it's fun they are doing it. So for all you out there looking for the perfect music class, you need not look any further, Little Maestro's truly rocks.