10 Kids Birthday Party Bargains in Staten Island

Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas in New York City

Although we have a ton of ideas for kids birthday parties on varying budgets in the city, celebrations in Manhattan typically cost more than they do in other boroughs, especially when compared to Staten Island. You might not know it, but this often-forgotten borough has many of your favorite birthday options: ice skating, roller skating, bowling, park and zoo parties, pottery, museums, party venues, and a few surprises. It takes a little more effort and planning to schlep a group of kids on the ferry (which will probably be totally cool to them, by the way) or by car, but with the cash you'll save, it just might be worth it. 

Rab's Country Lanes (Bowling)
Minimum children: 10 kids
What it'll cost ya: $20-$21/child
What you get: Bowling ball/shoe rentals, 1 hour -1.5 hours of Bowling/Cosmic bowling (depending on which package you choose), music and laser lights, pizza and soda, balloon centerpiece, invitations & paper goods. Bonus: The party rooms all have flat screen tvs with dvd players.
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance
Additional costs: 15% gratuity is added
Total Cost: A Cosmic Bowling party for 10 kids = $210 + tax and tip

Roller Jam USA
Minimum children: up to 15
What it'll cost ya: $299/Weekdays, $4.95 per adult
What you get: Roller-skate rentals, pizza and soda, invitations, private room, balloon center pieces, personal host, and paper goods
Heads up: Book at least a month in advance (required), you supply the cake
Total Cost: $299 for 15 kids + cake, tax, and tip

Staten Island Yankee Stadium
Minimum children: 10 people
What it'll cost ya: $22/person
What you get: I can't guarantee you the world's best baseball, but the view from this park which is right on the water, is sweet. The All You Can Eat package includes tickets, food, drinks, and hats. All the kids get to run the bases after the game, but the birthday boy/girl gets their name up on the stadium's screen.
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance
Total Cost: Up to 10 people+ tips to the concession folks = $220 plus. You can also get the Batter's Box deal for $500 for up to 20 people.

Staten Island Zoo
Minimum children: 20 children
What it'll cost ya: $500
What you get: Two hours of animal fun with a zoo instructor, with three furry/scaly/feathery friends (two of which will be touchable!), a choice of zoo bingo, an animal mask craft or special zoo-inspired story time. Pizza and juice is provided for the children, and all kids get a token to ride the Conservation Carousel. See the details here.
Heads up: You must pay a $100 deposit upon booking. Parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am or 2pm.
Total Cost: $500 + tipping your zoo instructor.

Staten Island Skating Pavilion (Ice Skating)
Minimum children: 10 kids
What it'll cost ya: $22.95-$24.95/child
What you get: 2 hours of ice-skating (the Pavilion is open year round), skate rentals, balloons, paper goods, coffee for the adults, cupcakes, pizza and party hostess. (Plus goody bag and invitations for deluxe package)
Heads up: Book at least a few weeks in advance
Total Cost: 10 kids for $230 to $250 + tipping to party hostess

Staten Island Children's Museum
Minimum children: 15 kids
What it'll cost ya: $375
What you get: 2 hour party with educator-led visit to the exhibit(s) of your choice, invites & balloons, crafts, limbo, music, pizza, drinks, paper goods, temporary tattoos & party hats, and balloon centerpieces
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance, BYO Cake
Total Cost: 15 kids for $375 + cake + tipping your educator

Chelsea Playground
Minimum children: 10 kids max
What it'll cost ya: $275/weekdays, $325/weekends, birthday child is free
What you get: Two hours of playing and partying, a private party room, pizza, popcorn & beverages, a personalized cake, invites and goody bags. They have a menu of extra for an additional charge. Chelsea Playground's playspace has rock climbing wall, a kids village, and 3 levels of tubes, tunnels and slides
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance
Total Cost: 10 kids for $275-$325 + tipping your educator

Created By You
Minimum children: Depends on type of party
What it'll cost ya: From $269 and up for weekends
What you get: Two hours of pottery fun, hands-on instruction, all supplies, 2 party hostesses, pizza and drinks, and invites.
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance, BYO Cake, 15% gratuity is added to all parties
Total Cost: Minimum $269 + cake + gratuity

Kiddie Wonderland
Minimum children: Up to 16 kids (birthday child is free)
What it'll cost ya: $389 and up, depending on package and extras you pick
What you get: Elephant Mascot, indoor play on a soft play unit that looks like a castle, host/hostess and additional staff, games and dances, dance floor with bubble machine and disco lights, removable tattoos and/or face painting, pizza and drinks, balloon centerpieces, invites and a gift and picture for the birthday child. Extras available for additional cost.
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance, BYO Cake (or pay additional fee)
Total Cost: 16 kids at most basic package,  $389 + cake + tipping

The Party Jungle
Minimum children: 31 people (15 kids, free birthday child, 15 adults)
What it'll cost ya: $389 and up ($299 for weekday)
What you get: A party jungle filled with tons of tubes and more to play in, pizza and soda, video games, face painting, popcorn, temporary tattoos, and invitations. Extras available for additional cost.
Heads up: Figure you want to book about a month in advance, BYO Cake (or pay additional fee)
Total Cost: 31 people at basic package, $389 + cake + tipping the staff

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