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Things to Do for Kids and Families on Long Island, July 8-10: Family Concerts, Outdoor Kids Theatre, Fireflies, Bats, and More

New York's State Parks have got it going on this weekend. From afternoon shows, to learning about the animals living on Long Island, even some great night activities. Let summer time take over your usual schedule, let the kids stay up late so you can all have fun as a family at a kid's concert, or go out looking for bats. Perhaps they'll even sleep in a bit in the morning. And if you are inspired, make note of our post on free outdoor movies on Long Island, fun for the whole family. Have a great weekend.

Free Outdoor Movies on Long Island: Family Fun for Summer Nights

If your kids are anything like mine, they are not falling asleep so easily, despite days of swimming and summer activity. Don't fight it, take charge and take advantage of what your summer parks have to offer. Grab a blanket or some chairs, pack the bug spray and some snacks and head to one of these free outdoor movies. You can create some great family memories, enjoy the sunsets and entertainment, and you never know, the kids might even fall asleep in the car on the way home. Here's our summer 2011 list of outdoor movie screenings at a park near you.

Things for Do on Long Island for Kids and Families 4th of July Weekend: Stars and Stripes Festival, Family Fun Day and More

Fourth of July weekend is here, and it's time to go into full on summer swing. If you haven't already busted out the picnic blanket and checked out our recommended picnic places, or started your rounds of Long island ice cream shops, this is the perfect weekend to start. We've collected a few other summer activities for you here, as well as some cool spots to check out the fireworks on Long Island.

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8 Great Boat Tours on Long Island, Set Sail this Summer

Summer’s here, time to set sail! There is so much to do and see in Long Island but sometimes you need a new perspective. Boat tours are an excellent way to see all of the beauty of Long Island while enjoying a cruise on the water. We’ve got some great boat tours featured here that you and your family will enjoy. One of these boat rides may even become your new summer tradition!

Things to Do on Long Island for Kids and Families June 24-June 26: A Carnival, Puppets, Beach Fun and More

It has begun! Summer officially started this week and for many children this was the last week of school. We want to kick your summer off right with a great weekend lined up with some amazing events and activities! Whether it’s a puppet show, a fun summer carnival or building sand castles we want this weekend to set the tone for your entire summer... fun!

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Le Play Cafe: Indoor Playspace for Kids, Coffee, Tea and Me Time for Parents

Imagine this scene, sipping a warm cup of coffee, relaxing in swanky comfortable couches all while watching your son and daughter play dragons and princess in a castle. You find yourself being able to enjoy your coffee while reading a book, meeting new moms or catching up on news and events while reading a newspaper and watching TV. Sounds lovely right? Too good to be true? Not so, this scene happens everyday at Le Play Cafe! Read on for more info on this fabulous new spot, and how you can save over 50% through Poppins Perks.

Things to Do on Long Island for Kids and Families June 18-19: Strawberry Harvest Festival, Bubble Wand Building and More

Yes, this weekend is all about Dads. but we have some great activities to get you out and about! Exploring science, becoming a spy, getting messy or partying with a 80 year old. (Yes, just keep reading.) We’ve got some fun events to kick off your weekend! For Father's Day fun, check out our Father's Day Fun on Long Island suggestions.

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Things to Do on Long Island for Kids and Families May 28-29: Air Shows, Music and Film Festivals and More!

The unofficial kick off of summer starts this weekend. From fun festivals and tooting trains to air shows and parades, we’ve got some amazing events that you’ll want to be a part of this Memorial Day weekend. In addition to some festivities, we have also found events where you can honor the brave men and women who proudly serve our county. And if you are in a planning mood, check out our post on Long Island CSAs so you can guarantee your family some of the best summer picnics ever. Have a wonderful weekend.

Local Food for Your Family: 5 Great CSAs on Long Island

Not yet honey.” My grandmothers voice made waiting seem easy. “Now honey, let me show you what squash should look like when it’s ready to picked”. She took my hand and led me to a bright, plump, yellow squash. I’ll never forget the sense of community and belonging I felt helping my grandmother in the garden. Helping to create a sense of community, belonging, family and partnership is also the goal of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm. CSA farms are totally or partially backed my members who pay in advance for an allocation of weekly fresh produce. Some CSA farms have farmers or experienced agriculturalists who grow and harvest the produce for members, and some farms invite members to take part in the process so that they can help to plant, harvest and grow the produce themselves. Long Island is home to some of the nation's finest CSA farms, and we've gathered some great ones here for you to check out.

Things to Do on Long Island for Kids and Families May 21-22: Celebrate Turtles, Learn a New Language, Explore the Sea and More

So much to do, so much to see, so much to explore this weekend! Whether you want to embrace the culture of art, learn about life at sea, explore a tranquil garden, or witness the a sheep shearing, we've got some awesome variety for you this weekend. With so much to choose from, how can you not have a fantastic weekend?


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