Adventureland Debuts New Rides and Announces Multi-Year Expansion

The thrilling Moon Chaser spins, twists, dips, and inverts riders at heights up to 45 feet in the air.
The thrilling Moon Chaser spins, twists, dips, and inverts riders at heights up to 45 feet in the air.
3/21/24 - By Jaime Sumersille

Long Island's favorite amusement park Adventureland delivered big news ahead of its 2024 season by announcing new rides and a multi-year, multi-million dollar expansion plan.

Boasting a variety of thrill, kiddie, and water rides—plus arcade and carnival-style games, this action-packed park is an all-ages pleaser. Get a sneak peek at the plans below, and bookmark our Long Island Amusement Park and Water Park Guide for more attractions nearby.


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New Rides Coming to Adventureland

In late February and early March, Adventureland bid farewell to three long-time attractions, the Adventure Falls Log Flume, the Spinning Cars, and the giant Pirate Ship, leaving park patrons in the dark about their replacements. On March 19, park officials held a press conference, debuting two new rides that landed on our list of the best new amusement park rides coming to the tri-state area this summer.

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Adventureland Expansion: New Junior Pirate Ship
The Junior Pirate Ship is ready to welcome little riders when Adventureland opens for the season Saturday, March 23.

With opening weekend slated for Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, guests won't have to wait long to test them out. Find the new Junior Pirate Ship located in Kiddieland, near the arcade and food court. Geared toward kids ages 5-8, riders must be 36 inches tall to ride with an adult or 47 inches tall to ride alone. The ship rocks back and forth in a slower pattern, perfect for younger riders.

The other new addition is Moon Chaser, located near the back of the park, sitting where the giant Pirate Ship had been docked since 1987. This thrill ride from Italy spins, twists, dips, and inverts riders, reaching heights of 45 feet. Plus, there's even a water element incorporated. Riders must be at least 55 inches tall. Moon Chaser seats 28 people per ride, which—hopefully—means less wait time.

A third ride, the Wave Twister, should be ready by Spring 2025. Made in Switzerland by the same company that built the park's Fireball, riders sit in one of two circular gondolas as they spin and travel along a figure-eight track. The 140-second ride reaches a height of 65 feet and is meant to simulate a surfing-like experience. While it is considered a dry ride, Wave Twister includes some water elements. Riders must be at least 36 inches tall, to ride with adults; those 48 inches and taller can ride solo. One bummer: To make way for the ride, the Antique Cars will be removed following this season.

Multi-Year Expansion Plans at Adventureland

Adventureland plans on investing $10-15 million into the park over the next five years in a multi-phase project that expands the park's footprint by 10 percent. Dubbed Legacy Corner, officials broke ground on an undeveloped plot at the rear of the park. Expect new concession stands, restrooms, benches, tables, and shaded areas, plus four additional rides to occupy the space by its completion in 2028. Park officials expect these attractions to be more custom-made rides from Switzerland.

"We’re going to show you something here on Long Island that you’ve never seen before," said Steven Gentile, Adventureland's president and co-owner.

Catholic Health Partnership

In addition to the expansion plans, Adventureland announced a partnership with Catholic Health, whose signage now graces the main entrance, guest relations, lost and found, and first aid areas. Additionally, Catholic Health is sponsoring a series of Wellness Wednesdays, where a mobile health clinic will be on-site for families to seek care.

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