Riding horses with Ojai Valley Trailriding Company
Riding horses with Ojai Valley Trailriding Company

Best Horseback Riding and Trail Rides for Families in and near Los Angeles

One of the best parts of raising kids in Los Angeles is giving them the life everyone else watches in the movies. And what could be more Hollywood than galloping through the Hollywood Hills, kicking up sand on the beach, or riding a horse into the sunset under the Hollywood sign? Yes, that's a rhetorical question. There is a special thrill for most kids about swinging into a saddle, sitting high on a horse's back, and shouting, "Giddy up!" Why not give them that thrill this weekend? The 10 wonderful stables and ranches below all accommodate riders from beginner to advanced, and all are taking special precautions during the pandemic to keep riders safe. Speaking of pandemics, a trail ride is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, keep social distance, get exercise, and change up everyone's energy!

If your kids really love the horse experience, you might want to sign them up for one of these summer riding camps.

Minibop Family Music Class
Minibop Music - 9:30 AM
Kids Club at the Lakes
The Lakes at Thousand Oaks - 10:00 AM
Kids Club Palisades Village
Palisades Village - 10:00 AM
Neighborhood Guides
Activity Guides