Where to Play Laser Tag and Paintball Near Washington, DC

Zap the competition with a game of laser tag at Ultrazone. Photo courtesy of Ultrazone
Zap the competition with a game of laser tag at Ultrazone. Photo courtesy of Ultrazone
2/16/24 - By Rebecca Singer

If your kids (especially your tweens and teens) have some energy to burn, laser tag and paintball are the perfect way to do it. Almost like playing a live-action video game, laser tag and paintball are a great way to get your kids to take a break from their devices and play IRL.

In laser tag, players try to take down their opponents by shooting them with infrared laser beams in an elaborately designed indoor arena. In paintball, they navigate outdoor terrain while attempting to splat their opponents with colorful paint capsules. Perfect for playing in groups, laser tag and paintball are fun for older kids, tweens, and teens and make great teen birthday party ideas.

Read on for our list of 10 top places to play laser tag or paintball in Maryland and Northern Virginia. For even more fun activities for big kids, check out our lists of fun things to do with teens and tweens in DC and extreme sports and other thrilling activities for kids near DC.


Note: Laser tag is generally recommended for ages 6 and up, while traditional paintball is geared for ages 10 and up. However, most of the paintball fields on this list offer low-impact paintball, which is a good option for ages 8-12, and some allow kids younger than 10 to play traditional paintball. Use your own discretion when deciding whether your child is ready to play paintball.

Doyle's Outpost laser tag near DC 
Play laser tag with a DC twist at Doyle's Outpost. Photo courtesy of Doyle's Outpost

Laser Tag Near Washington, DC

1. Doyle’s Outpost — Alexandria, VA

The 6,000-square-foot, multilevel laser tag arena at Doyle’s is custom-designed with a Washington, DC theme. You’ll find plenty of famous DC monuments and landmarks serving as both obstacles and hiding places as you go about your mission. In addition to laser tag, there’s virtual-reality gaming, an arcade, and a restaurant and sports bar.

2. ShadowLand — Gaithersburg, MD & Alexandria, VA

Get ready for an interactive adventure where you’ll navigate a multi-level arena with ramps and bridges and dodge laser beams in an atmosphere set by colored lights, mist, and music. GEMs (Game Enhancement Modules) add an extra layer of fun to the game. Target GEMs to earn special powers like invulnerability or rapid fire, but watch out for GEMs that may attack you with spells or viruses. The Virginia location also has an arcade and glow-in-the dark indoor mini golf.

3. Castle Laser Tag — Gaithersburg, MD

Travel to a land of knights, castles, and wizards in this laser tag adventure. The game is played on a multi-level course with special effects including fog, light, and sound setting the scene. For more fun there’s also an arcade and an indoor ropes course.

4. Ultrazone — Bailey’s Crossroads, VA

Ulatrazone at Bailey’s Crossroads offers state-of-the-art equipment including super-wide devastator laser beams, OLED technology screens on the back of the phasers, and enhanced audio. The interactive arena features the giant mega robot DOD21. Ultrazone's Power Play deal on Friday and Saturday evenings offers guests unlimited play for one fixed price. There's also an arcade with some of the latest games.

5. Tom’s Laser Tag – Serving DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Tom’s Laser Tag brings the game to you! Book a party and they’ll bring their mobile outdoor laser tag to your own backyard, turning it into a “battlefield” ready for game play. Players typically play four to eight games over the course of the party with variations including Capture the Flag (get your opponent’s flag and bring it back to your own), Kill the Captain (take out the opposing team’s captain), and Hunger Games (each player for themselves and the last one standing wins).

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Pev's Paintball Near DC 
Pev's features both low-impact and traditional paintball. Photo courtesy of Pev's Paintball

Paintball Near Washington, DC

6. Pev’s Paintball — Aldie, VA

With 14 playing fields across 48 acres, Pev’s offers a variety of game settings including a fortress with lookout towers, an abandoned town, a field full of rocks and caves, and more. Ages 10 and up can participate in open play or arrange a private game for a group of six or more. Low-impact paintball is also available for ages 8 and up, as well as gelly ball and Nerf battles for ages 5 and up, outdoor laser tag for ages 7 and up, and archery tag and Airsoft for ages 10 and up. On-site concessions offer items like pizza and hot dogs.

7. Hogback Mountain Paintball — Leesburg, VA

Both walk-on and private group options are available at Hogback Mountain’s expansive site, which has 16 unique fields on 70 acres of land. Hogback holds several themed events throughout the year such as Normandy Landing (based on the WWII D-Day landing in Normandy), Zombie Invasion, and Santa vs. the Grinch. While paintball is for ages 10 and up, Hogback Mountain also offers low-impact paintball for ages 8 and up.

8. Central Avenue Paintball — Bowie, MD

Central Avenue Paintball has 30 acres of land with multiple fields including a junkyard with cars, a crash field with helicopters and airplanes, and more. Both walk-ons and groups are welcome. While only those ages 8 and up are permitted to play traditional paintball, Central Avenue offers low-impact paintball for ages 6 and older. There's also gelly ball (ages 4 and up), Airsoft (ages 10 and older), and axe throwing. There are plenty of picnic tables, so bring food to enjoy a full day of outdoor fun.

9. Southern Maryland Paintball — Newburg, MD

Southern Maryland Paintball's 10 fields, spread out over more than 50 acres, include three in the woods, a castle, a village, and more. Drop in or arrange a game for a private group of as few as four players. Kids must be 8 and up to play, but those 6 and older can enjoy low-impact paintball, while kids as young as 4 can play gelly ball. There's also Airsoft for ages 10 and up and axe throwing for those 12 and older. 

10. Cousins Paintball Skyline — Strasburg, VA

Take a day trip to this sprawling paintball park about 90 minutes from DC, which boasts over 100 acres of terrain. Come for open play or arrange private play for a group of 10 or more. Cousins recommends that only those ages 9 and up play paintball.

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