A Better Lunchbox to Inspire Better Lunches

I'm pretty much convinced that kids can live on peanut butter alone, which is good since creating new lunches for the kids every morning while you're trying to do ten million other things is hard enough. But, there's a neat product I've been eying, called laptop lunches, that could make lunch duty a little easier. If you've ever spied what little Japanese children bring for lunch, you've experienced true lunchroom envy. Beautiful little bento box lunches, complete with several little dishes filled with different things. Laptop lunches are the American version. A lunch box with several smaller containers that fit neatly inside. You can fill them with a sandwich, fruit, dip, carrot sticks - a range of different bites. This lunch box will inspire you to pick up your lunch time game and make healthy well-rounded meals in child-sized portions. That's not to say you can't get one for yourself too - you're never to old to eat a healthier, more varied lunch. And check out the Guide to Laptop Lunches with more lunch ideas sure to make your child the envy of the lunchroom.
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