Cloth Diaper Services, Classes and Tryouts for NYC Families

Cloth diapers for babies have come a long way. Besides the washing and care of cloth diapers, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for cloth diaper newbies is the enormous number of options: snap or Velcro closures, wool or fleece covers, pre-fold, contour or fitted diaper inserts? So we’ve rounded up great resources for NYC families interested in exploring this eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers, including informational classes and even a support group.

We're also including information on two of the city's most parent-loved cloth diaper wash-and-fold delivery services, because so many NYC families live without a washer or dryer. Not sure which style or brand of cloth diaper is right for your little one? We found online stores that offer trial deals where you get to sample the wares before settling on the perfect fit. 

Looking for more baby services or classes in NYC? Check out our Baby Guide loaded with parent tips, or search the directory for something specific.

Delivery Services

Service Area: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx neighborhoods of Riverdale and Kingsbridge, and Queens neighborhoods with zip codes starting with 111 or 113
Based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Diaperkind supplies, launders and delivers cloth diapers to your door once a week. Clients are responsible for buying and maintaining cloth diaper accessories such as diaper covers and diaper pails. Items can be purchased from Diaperkind or elsewhere, but the company makes recommendations on brands and even special detergent for washing diaper covers. Bonus: It also offers how-to classes and even a support group. Deliveries and pickups are weekly between 9pm and 3am. 

Nature’s Premiere Diaper Service
Service Area: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk County
New clients receive a 30-minute Skype consultation covering all the basics like diaper-area care, folding techniques and how to handle the accumulation of used diapers before weekly pickups. This company provides clean cloth diapers and the option of cloth wipes each week; clients purchase all related accessories separately. Deliveries and pickups happen Monday through Wednesday from 8pm to 2am.

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Cloth diapering can be intimidating. Try a class before bringing home your newborn. Photo courtesy of Wild Was Mama.


Cloth Diapering Made Simple
Wild Was Mama, 272 Driggs Avenue
This class, offered at the Greenpoint location of Wild Was Mama, provides an overview of cloth diaper styles, including the pros and cons of each and examines everyday questions such as how many diapers are needed, how to deal with soiled diapers, best washing practices and more.

Cloth Diapering 101
Diaperkind, 126 13th Street
Hosted by cloth-diaper delivery service Diaperkind at its Gowanus location, this primer class covers all the bases including cloth diaper options and styles, budget and lifestyle considerations, home washing instructions and more. Shop the Diaperkind store for supplies after the class.

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Cloth Diaper Tryouts

Diaper Lab
As the name implies, this place is serious about diapers. With tons of cloth diaper information and tutorials, this Massachusetts-based business is dedicated to providing cloth diaper information, resources and supplies. To help families sort through the many options, Diaper Lab offers several starter kits that include a variety of cloth diaper products.

Jillian’s Drawers
Ithaca-based Jillian’s Drawers offers a 21-day cloth-diaper trial program where families may sample a wide selection of cloth diaper products in order to find what works best. After 21 days, washed products are mailed back to the company (and not re-used); customers can keep whatever they like and Jillian’s Drawers adjusts store credit accordingly.

Top photo via Bigstock.

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