11 Crazy Awesome Pool Floats for Kids and Babies on Amazon and Target

A unicorn float makes time in the pool extra fun!
A unicorn float makes time in the pool extra fun!

Long gone are the days of the boring rectangular pool float that popped almost as soon as you finally filled it with air. Today's kids can hit the pool with a fabulous float in almost any design they can imagine, from the Millennium Falcon to a giant slice of pizza to on-trend unicorn floats. The best part? Parents can order these pool toys all online at either Target.com or Amazon. Check out our list of 11 crazy awesome pool floats for babies, kids, and teens in summer 2019.

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Toddler and Baby Pool Floats 

This baby float at Target.com is pool eye candy!

1. Sweet Treat Sundae Lil' Canopy Float
Ages 1+ (up to 45 pounds)
You may get a toothache if you put your little nugget in this ice cream pool float from Sun Squad; it’s just that sweet. With a cherry topped canopy and leg holes in the center, it’s the perfect pool float for toddler non-swimmers. $19.99

Non-swimmers can cruise the pool with supervision in this monster pool float.

Silly Monster Lil' Canopy Float 
Ages 1+ (up to 45 pounds)
Get your toddler one out of the sun and into the belly of this silly beast of a pool float. The leg holes make it safe for non-swimmers and the monster design makes it hilarious for everyone else. $19.99

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A dinosaur float is just right for growing tots.

Tiny-Saurus Rex Lil Float
Ages 1+ (up to 45 pounds)
Your kiddo can become the king of the pool with BigMouth, Inc.'s ferociously adorable dinosaur pool float. Even the littlest T-rex will feel safe in the water with the supported seat and leg holes. $14.99

Pool Floats for Kids and Teens

The kids will definitely fight over who gets to ride this spaceship!

UFO Spaceship Squirter
Ages 3+ (up to 140 pounds)
Up the fun factor with this ride-in spaceship float for kids from Swimline. It's part float, part pool toy as it comes equipped with a squirt gun to ward off alien invaders, intergalactic hooligans—and pesky siblings. $18

Big kids can grab a ride on this extra large slice.

Pizza Slice Pool Float
Ages 8+ (up to 200 pounds)
Who hasn’t dreamed of ordering a 6-foot-long pizza? Grab a slice of summer with this hilarious pepperoni float from Sun Squad. $19.99

Little foodies might enjoy a ride on an avocado float.

Avocado Float
Ages 4+ (up to 200 pounds)
We’ve found the one avocado that will stay ripe all summer long. BigMouth Inc.’s avocado pool float is almost 6-feet long and ready for a dip in the pool. $24.99

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A Stars Wars pool float lets kids pilot the Millennium Falcon from the water.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride-On Inflatable Pool Float
Ages 5+
Make all of your kids’ (er, your?) Star Wars fantasies come alive as they ride the waves on this 5-foot SwimWays Millennium Falcon pool float. $21.99

Llamas are a hot accessory for all the cool kids even as an adorable pool toy!

Giant Llama Pool Float
Ages 8+ (up to 200 pounds)
There’ll be no drama, momma, when your kids are floating around in the family swimming pool on this Sun Squad llama float. $19.99

Two teens can hit the pool together on this unicorn float that rocks back and forth.

Unicorn Rocker
Ages 16+
Unicorn floats are everywhere these days, so it had to be a pretty special one to make the list. This Swimline rocker float that can handle up to two riders is that unicorn of unicorn floats we were looking for this summer. $36


Chill out on your mermaid-cat float this summer.

Purrmaid Pool Float
Ages 8+ (up to 200 pounds)
No need to answer the age-old question... Cats or mermaids? This Sun Squad Purrmaid pool float is tailor-made for all cool cats and Ariels. $29.99

You won't be able to contain their giggles when this wacky pool float is revealed.

Wacky Waving Tubeman Pool Float
Ages 8+ (up to 200lbs)
Nothing brings kids more joy than seeing a tube man waving outside of a car dealership. You can bring those same squeals of delight to the pool this summer with BigMouth’s 6-foot, red Wacky Waving Pool Float. $19.98

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