The Ultimate List of Cute and Unique Grandparent Names

Pick out a grandparent name befitting their special relationship with the grandkids. Photo by André Sala
Pick out a grandparent name befitting their special relationship with the grandkids. Photo by André Sala
9/5/23 - By Lauren LaRoche

Grandparent names can be as unique and special as the bond they share with their grandkids! What grandparent names does your family use?

Grandparents can have a special bond with their grandkids—and that unique relationship calls for an extra special name. Many grandparent names have cultural or family significance while others are made up by the first grandchild...possibly whatever they can pronounce at that age! From grandpa to pawpaw, and all the adorable names in between, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of grandparent names, including both traditional and unique options.

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Many of the 51 grandparent names below came from our Facebook readers. We're excited to share their stories.

Reading with grandparents is always a special activity for the youngest generation.

Traditional Grandparent Names

1. Grandma and Grandpa

2. Grandmother and Grandfather

3. Nana and Papa

4. Mawmaw and Pawpaw

5. Meme and Papaw

6. Gramms and Gramps

7. Grammie and Grampie

8. Bubbe

9. Granny

10. Marmee

11. Gran

12. Grandmom and Grandad

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These Grammies enjoy solo time with one of their grandsons. Photo by André Sala

Unique Grandparent Names

Sometimes grandparents, children, or grandchildren decide that grandma and grandpa just aren't for them. Whether it's a name that's been passed down for generations or it's just the cute name your newly talking baby called your mom, there are a lot of reasons grandparents go by unique names. Some grandmothers (and grandfathers) prefer to avoid anything that makes them sound old like "granny" so they go with a less traditional name. If you're looking for a name that's far from traditional, we've rounded up some of our favorite unique grandparent names.

13. Lolly and Pop

14. Gpa and Gma

15. Gigi

16. Pop Pop

17. Momo and Papo

18. Bema

19. Mimi

20. Yaya

21. Nene

22. Gam Gam

23. Gaga

24. Moms

25. Mima

26. Pops

27. G and P

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Names with Cultural Significance

28. Grand-mère and Grand-père or Mémè​re and Pépè​re

These names are used in French-speaking cultures for grandmother and grandfather and grandma and grandpa.  

29. Nonna and Nonno 

In Italy, grandma and grandpa are known as nonna and nonno. Many Italian-Americans also use these names or the variation, nonni. 

30. Oma and Opa

In Germany, you say oma and opa for grandma and grandpa.

31. Abuela and Abuelo

In Spanish, grandma and grandpa are known as abuela and abuelo.

32. Babcia and Dziadek

In Polish, grandma and grandpa are called babcia and dziadek. 

33. Giagia and Pappous

Giagia and Pappous is how you say grandma and grandpa in Greek.

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Sometimes kids pick names they can pronounce at a young age!

34. Sitty and Jeddou

In Arabic, there are many ways to say grandmother and grandfather, depending on what region you are from and family preference. Sitty (grandmother) and Jeddou (grandfather) are common, but you may also hear Jiddee or Seedu for grandfather and Teta or Situ for grandmother.

35. Avo and Vovo

Avo and Vovo are how you say grandma and grandpa in Portuguese.

36. Mhamo and Seanathair

In Ireland, the traditional names for grandma and grandpa are mhamo and seanathair. 

37. Bibi and Babu

Bibi and babu are how you say grandma and grandpa in Swahili.

38. O baachan and O jiichan 

In Japanese, grandma and grandpa are O baachan and O jiichan. 

39. Babushka and Dedushka

In Russian, you can say babushka and dedushka for grandma and grandpa. 

40. Halmeoni and Hal-abeoji

In Korea, grandma and grandpa are known as Halmeoni and Hal-abeoji.

41. Savta and Saba

Savta and Saba are Hebrew names for grandma and grandpa. While Bubbe is the Yiddish name for grandma. This is often spelled in several different ways. Zaydeh or Zaydee is grandfather in Yiddish.

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Often the firstborn grandchild gets to pick the grandparent names.

Grandparent Names from Our Readers

Here are some of the sweet grandparent names our readers shared with us on Facebook. If you have a unique grandparent name in your family, let us know on Facebook

42. Grammy and Dada

"Grammy-obvious. Dada because I had my son young, and he heard me call my dad, Dad..and it just stuck with all 3 of my kids. But I have to admit it’s awkward when we go to the store with my dad and kids and they call him dada..and he’s almost 70."

43. Gung Gung 

44. Paw Paw

45. Gramp

I think the first grandchild couldn't quite say, "Grandpa," so Gramp stuck!

46. Nana

"That’s what her mom was for us."

47. GramGram

"My husband got from Futurama."

48. Grammy & Grandpa

"We don’t see them much so it’s generic."

49. Mima and G-Pa

50. Papito and Mamita

"I’m Peruvian and I refer to my parents as Mami and Papi. My kids just found a more endearing name for them and it always sounds super sweet to hear them say it."

51. Lola and Lolo

"My husband's parents are Filipino, so they are Lola and Lolo. Our kids are the youngest grandkids in both families, so those were the already agreed-upon names."

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