Best Outdoor Ice Skating Rinks in Chicago for Kids and Families

Photo courtesy of Maggie Daley Park
Photo courtesy of Maggie Daley Park
11/6/22 - By Lauren LaRoche

Long, cold winters mean more ice skating in Chicago, and many of the beautiful outdoor ice skating rinks here are FREE. Not all ice skating in Chicago need polar-vortex temperatures to stay open; some refrigerated rinks are available for skating as long as the temperature is less than 40 degrees. Many rinks offer hockey, broomball, figure skating, or speed skating programs. And not all rinks are your standard oval, either: Maggie Daley Park’s Skating Ribbon lets figure skaters enjoy a different kind of figure 8.

For all the details on where to enjoy ice skating in Chicago, read on. And for more winter activities to enjoy with your family, check out our Winter Activities Guide.

Most rinks on this list offer a website or app for skaters to check conditions before they head out to the rink. Families should also check to make sure skate rental is available if needed and obey all rink safety rules.