100 Field Day Games and Activities

Get the kids up on their feet and moving with a hopping -fun sack race.
Get the kids up on their feet and moving with a hopping -fun sack race.

Tasked with planning field day for your child's school? Our massive list of field day games for kids will help make the event truly epic. We've got fun ideas to delight all ages, including racing and tag games, water play, dance challenges, arts and crafts, and so much more.

Here are 100 fun field day games and activities for kids. For more ideas for outdoor fun, check out our Guide to Outdoor Activities for Kids, where you'll find everything from classic outdoor games to outdoor birthday party games.


Field Day Games for Kids: Racing Games
Balance an egg on a spoon and race with it to the finish line!

Field Day Games for Kids: Racing Games

1. Egg and spoon Race

Use either hard-boiled eggs or plastic eggs and hand out a spoon to each player. Line players up and challenge them to get to the finish line while balancing the egg on the spoon, without letting the egg drop.

2. Speed Relay

This is a traditional relay race where teammates line up on opposite sides of a field. The first player runs across the field and tags their teammate. That teammate runs back to the first side, tags the next teammate, and so on. The first team to get all of its players to the opposite side of the field wins.

3. Pass the Baton

Pass the Baton is like a traditional relay race, but players pass a baton or other item back and forth without dropping it.

4. Combination Relay

This relay race combines running with other fun activities like cartwheels, jumping jacks, hopping on one foot, etc. The sillier, the better!

5. Dress-Up Relay

Make a pile of clothing for each team. The first player has to put on all the clothing, run to the next player, and "undress". The next player then has to put the clothing on, run to a third player, and so on. The first team to get all of its players "dressed" wins.

6. Potato Sack Race

Gather up king-sized pillow cases or burlap sacks for an old-fashioned potato sack race. Players step into the cases or bags, pulling the edges up around their waists, and jump their way to the finish line.

7. Wheelbarrow Race

Divide players into teams of two. One player is the wheelbarrow and the other is the driver. The wheelbarrow walks on their hands while the driver holds their ankles, trying to cross the finish line first.

8. Backward Race

It's a normal race with an important twist—everyone runs backwards!

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The hilarious and fun three-legged race is one of those field day games that inspires loads of laughs.

9. Three-legged Race

Have teams of two players stand side by side and tie their inner legs together using rope or fabric. The players then race against the other teams to reach the finish line first.

10. Army Crawl Race

This is a fun race if you're on grass or another soft surface. How quickly can players army-crawl to the finish line?

11. Pizza Box Relay

Kids run this relay race while holding a stack of pizza boxes without dropping them. All kinds of silliness ensues.

12. Dizzy Bats

Before players race, they need to hold their foreheads to the top of a plastic bat and run around it several times as quickly as possible. Can they push through their dizziness to get to the finish line?

13. Leapfrog Relay

In this relay, teammates crouch down and leap over each other to try to reach the finish line first.

14. Animal Race

Kids race to the finish line by moving like each animal you call out—hopping like a bunny, waddling like a penguin, slithering like a snake, etc.

15. Blanket Pull Race

Arrange kids into teams of two. Give each team a blanket. One person sits on the blanket and the other has to pull them across the finish line.

Field Day Games for Kids: Tag Games

16. Tag

This is one of those classic field day games that never gets old. One player is "it" and has to chase and try to tag the other players. If a person gets tagged, they become "it".

17. Freeze Tag

In this version of tag, players must freeze in place if they get tagged by "it". Other players can unfreeze those players by tagging them.

18. Zombie Tag

If a player gets tagged, they turn into a zombie!

19. Amoeba Tag

When the "it" person tags someone, they must hold hands with that person. Then, they both have to chase the other players without letting go. Every time a player is tagged, they become a part of the ever-growing "it."

20. Drop-It Tag

Some of the players hold an object like a ball or a beanbag. Those who aren't holding something have to try to tag them. When a player is tagged, they drop what they're holding and become a tagger. The person who tagged them picks up the object and starts to be chased.

21. Duck, Duck, Goose

This classic activity is one of our favorite field day games for younger kids. Learn all about how to play Duck, Duck, Goose. Kids will hardly be able to wait for their chance to be the goose!

22. Bandage Tag

When a player gets tagged, they have to place their hand over where they were tagged as a bandage and continue to play without moving their hand. Once a player has two bandages, they're out or become "it".

23. Category Tag

When a player gets tagged, they must call out the name of something in the agreed-upon category—TV characters, songs, books, etc. If they can't think of something that wasn't already named, they become "it".

Field Day Games for Kids: Dance Games

24. Limbo

How low can they go? Have two grown-ups hold a stick horizontally and players have to bend backward to walk under the stick without touching it. The stick drops lower and lower as the game goes on.

25. Freeze Dance

Start the music and have students begin to dance. When the music stops, everyone should freeze. Those who keep moving are out. The rest must start dancing again when the music restarts. The last dancer standing wins.

26. Copycat Dance

Players stand in a circle, and the first player does an original dance move. The next student copies it, then adds their original move. Soon you'll have one big, crazy dance!

27. Elimination Dance

Put index cards with various descriptions, such as "has a ponytail" and "wearing a red shirt," in a bag. As the kids dance, pull out a random card and read it. Any dancer fitting the description is eliminated. The last remaining dancer wins.

28. Balloon Dance

Dancers have to bust a move while keeping a balloon in the air. When a player drops their balloon, they're out.

29. Switch It Up

As the kids dance, randomly change the music to a different genre. See what moves the kids come up with to fit the new genre.

30. Zumba

Find loads of kids' Zumba videos on the Yezza Fitness YouTube page. Put on some popular songs and guide the kids through some fun routines.

31. Guided Group Dances

Introduce kids to the line dances of our time—the Macarena, the Cha Cha Slide, the Chicken Dance, etc.

32. Dance-Off

Gather students in a circle and let them have an old-fashioned dance-off, taking turns going into the middle of the circle to show off their best moves.

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Field Day Games for Kids: Water Games
Get out the water blasters for a wet-and-wild battle. Photo by Rose Gordon Sala

Field Day Games for Kids: Water Games

33. Water Blaster Tag

This version of tag is perfect for hot days because the player who is "it" tags the others by squirting them with water blasters. Whoever is left dry, wins the game and gets to be "it" next round.

34. Water Balloon Toss

Have players toss water balloons back and forth and try not to drop them. On a hot field day, they may hope to drop them!

35. Kiddie Pool Fishing

Fill a kiddie pool with water and have the kids go "fishing" for floating objects. You can use a magnetic fishing game or simply affix magnets to small toys or laminated index cards, then make your own magnetic fishing poles.

36. Car Wash Relay

Divide players into two teams, with half the players at the starting line and half at the finish line. Each team has a full bucket of water at the starting line and an empty bucket at the finish line. The first player dips a sponge in the bucket of water, runs to squeeze it into the empty bucket, and passes it to the next relay member. The game continues until one team fills their bucket.

37. Sponge Pass

Similar to a car wash relay, the goal here is to be the first team to fill your bucket with water. But in this game, teammates line up and pass the west sponges overhead until the last participant can squeeze it into the empty bucket.

38. Dunk Tank

If you've got the funds (and some brave teachers), rent a dunk tank and challenge students to hit the target to dunk their teacher—or maybe even the principal—into the water.

39. Water Balloon Pinata

String up water balloons and have kids take turns hitting them with a plastic bat. Enjoy the squeals of delight from the lucky ones who get soaked.

40. Balancing Act

In this fun game, kids balance plastic cups of water on their head as they try to be the first to cross the finish line.

41. Sponge Bulls-Eye

Paint target circles and point amounts on the ground. Have players attempt to hit the targets with large, soaked sponges. The wet spots show their score.

42. Sprinkler Break

Sometimes all you need is a simple sprinkler for kids to run through and cool off between other field day games and activities.

More Field Day Games for Kids

43. Jump Rope Games

From jumping contests to Double Dutch, there are so many field day games to ply with jump ropes. Check out our list of jump rope workout games and songs for kids.

44. Steal the Bacon

Divide the kids into two groups and assign each player a number. Each team should have a one and a two, for example. Set a boundary line for each team and place your "bacon" (a ball or other object) in the middle. When you call a number, that player from each team tries to grab the bacon and get it back over to their line.

45. Red Light, Green Light

One person is the stoplight and stands at one end of the field. The rest of the players (the "traffic") line up at the other end. The stoplight faces away from the traffic and yells, "green light!" The traffic moves forward until the stoplight turns around and yells, "red light!" Anyone caught moving must return to the starting line. The first person to reach the stoplight wins.

46. Hopscotch

Generations of kids have been playing hopscotch, and this traditional game has truly stood the test of time. Check out how to play hopscotch, along with some fun variations.

47. Hot Potato

You don't need an actual potato for this classic game—a soft ball will do. Have the kids sit in a circle and, when the music starts, begin passing or tossing the ball to each other. When the music stops, whoever is holding the potato is out. The last kid remaining wins.

48. Spud

Spud is another one of those potato-named field day games that doesn't actually require a potato. Check out how to play Spud.

49. Capture the Flag

Create two teams, and have each team hide its flags in its territory. Teams then try to steal the opposing team’s flags and bring them back to their home base. Some players guard their team's flags while others hunt the opposing team's flags. If an opposing team member tags you, you are either out, frozen until someone unfreezes you, or you join the opposing team.

50. Musical Chairs

Place chairs in a circle (one fewer chair than the number of players). Start some music and have everyone walk around the circle. When the music stops, everyone must sit on a chair. Whoever doesn’t have a chair is out. After each round, remove a chair. The last player standing wins.

51. Frisbee Toss

Frisbees are great for unstructured play or for a game of "frisbee potato"—when someone misses a catch, they're out.

52. Tug-of-War

You know how this works: two teams of players stand on opposite ends of a rope. Each team tugs on their end of the rope to try to get it past the center point and onto their own side.

53. Mother, May I?

This is one of those field day games you probably remember playing as a kid. Refresh your memory by learning the rules here.

54. Obstacle Course

Check out our tips for building an indoor obstacle course. Then apply them towards creating an epic outdoor obstacle course using tires, wooden beams, pool noodles, and other obstacles.

55. Long Jump

Have students jump forward and see who can jump the farthest.

56. Vertical Jump

In this jumping game, see which student can jump the highest.

57. Bowling

Make a bowling set out of partially filled water bottles and a rubber ball or tennis ball. Or, invest in a plastic bowling set.

58. Ring Toss

Set up a simple game of ring toss with plastic cones and rings. You can also buy a complete ring toss set.

59. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids working together to solve clues and find hidden objects. Our list of scavenger hunt ideas for kids has some great tips on planning the perfect hunt, as well as printable scavenger hunts.

60. Tic-Tac-Toe

You can draw a massive tic-tac-toe board using sidewalk chalk, or you can buy this giant yard-toss tic-tac-toe game.

61. Simon Says

In this beloved game, a grown-up serves as Simon and gives the players instructions. But the players should only follow those instructions if the grown-up says "Simon says" first. If players hear, "Simon says hop on one foot," they should hop on one on foot. But if they hear simply, "Hop on one foot," they should not do it. If they do, they're out. The last player standing wins.

62. Balloon Stomp

Tie balloons to kids' ankles with yarn. Players can then run around and try to pop each others' balloons.

63. Target Throw

Set up various buckets, or create targets out of pool noodles or other materials. See how many balls players can get into the targets.

64. Tire Roll

If you can get your hands on some old tires at your local dump or auto shop, spray paint them with fun colors and have kids roll them across the field to the finish line. Whose tire will make it there first?

65. Red Rover

Students form two long lines and face each other with their arms outstretched, holding hands. The first team calls over an opposing player by shouting, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (name) over!" That player has to run toward the opposing team and try to break through two of the clasped hands. If they do, they return to their original team. If they don't, they join the opposing team.

66. Wall Ball

All you need is a wall and a ball to play this fun game. Learn how to play wall ball here.

67. Monkey in the Middle

One or more players is the monkey in the middle of a group of other players, who toss a ball back and forth to each other. The monkey(s) try to catch the ball. If one does, the player who threw it becomes a monkey in the middle.

68. Sardines

This is a fun twist on hide-and-seek, where only one person hides and all the others look. Whoever finds the hidden player joins them in the hiding place. This continues until the kids (squeezed like sardines) are found by the last remaining child, or everyone ends up hidden together.

69. Cup Stack

Place a bunch of large plastic cups on a flat surface. Challenge students to see how high they can stack the cups before they topple over.

70. Giant Jenga

This outdoor version of Jenga can stack to four feet tall, making it extra thrilling when the blocks come tumbling down!

71. Cornhole

Cornhole is a popular backyard-barbecue game that's also perfect for field day. It involves tossing beanbags into the hole of an opposing target.

72. Life-Size Connect Four

This jumbo four-in-a-row game will be a huge hit among kids of all ages.

73. Outdoor Twister

You can use an actual Twister game or make your own using colored place mats or rubber circles. Spin a wheel to indicate which color dot the players need to put their hands or feet on. Watch as the kids get twisted together in funny positions. When players topple over, they are eliminated.

74. Life-Size Hungry, Hungry Hippos

Have players lie on their stomach on a skateboard while another player holds their feet. Scatter colored balls in the center of the playing area. Players then try to grab as many balls as they can with an upside-down laundry basket as their teammate pushes them around.

75. Mini Golf

Create a mini golf course using cups as holes, toys and other objects as obstacles, and pool noodles as golf clubs. Plastic golf balls are best for this activity.

76. Keep it Up

How long can a team of players keep a balloon in the air before it touches the ground? Sometimes the simplest field day games are the most fun.

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Field Day Game ideas : Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk chalk is an inexpensive activity that allows kids' creativity to flow.

Field Day Crafts and Other Activities

77. Sidewalk Chalk

Little artists can turn the blacktop into their backdrop with this inexpensive outdoor toy. They can even play chalk Pictionary, where they draw something and other players have to guess what it is.

78. Bubbles

Put out a bunch of bubble wands, bubble bottles, or bubble guns and let kids create bubbles to their hearts' content. Or, set up a bubble machine and make loads of bubbles for kids to run around and pop.

79. Hula Hoops

Hula hoops are great for field day games. Who can move their torso to keep their hoop up the longest?

80. Balance Beams

Set up balance beams or thin slabs of wood on the floor. Challenge students to do various tasks while walking across the beams.

81. Giant Blocks

Giant building blocks, like these cardboard bankers box blocks, are a fun and creative addition to any field day that involves younger kids.

82. Paper Airplanes

Challenge kids to fold paper airplanes and see how far the wind will take them.

83. Marble Painting

Lay out giant pieces of paper and shallow trays of paint. Have students roll marbles through the paint and then across the paper to create abstract art.

84. Tissue Collage

Prepare a glue mixture by mixing 1/2 cup of craft glue with 1/4 cup of water. Put out paintbrushes, a large board, and tissue-paper squares in a variety of colors. Students can brush the glue mixture onto the board and attach the squares to create a colorful, communal collage.

85. Parachute Fun

There is so much fun to be had with a parachute. You can put light balls on top and have students wave the chute up and down to keep them in the air, allow students to take turns going under the parachute while the others wave it up and down like an umbrella, and so much more.

86. Finger Painting

Set up some easels or large pieces of paper alongside trays of paint. Let kids get creative (and messy) with some finger painting.

87. Water Gun Painting

Put out some canvases, fill up some squirt guns with paint, and let the kids create abstract art. Get all the details in our water gun painting tutorial.

88. Rock Painting

Gather up some rocks and painting supplies and have kids paint kindness rocks to hide throughout the field, the playground, and even the school.

89. Tie-Dye Station

Set up a tie-dye station and let the kids create their own colorful t-shirts.

90. Leaf Pressing and Leaf Art

Leaves make the perfect craft accessory for a fall field day. Read our post all about how to leaf press and make cool leaf art.

91. Yoga

What better way to wind down field day than with a little zen? Cosmic Kids Yoga has some great children's yoga videos to give you some ideas for poses.

Field Day Games for Kids: Sports

92. Wiffle Ball

Wiffle ball is just like baseball, but it's played with a plastic ball and bat to avoid injury. Throw down some rubber bases to make a field.

93. Kickball

You can also put those rubber bases to good use by playing one of the most classic field day games, kickball. Any 10- to 16-inch rubber ball will do, or you can use an official playground kickball.

94. Flag Football

Flag football is a great choice for field day games because a large number of players can be on the field at a time, and it's not as dangerous as tackle football.

95. Basketball

If you have access to a basketball court, you can play traditional five-on-five games, swapping players in and out if you have larger teams.

96. Horse

Horse is a fun twist on basketball that's best played by two kids at a time. The first player attempts a shot. If they make it, the next player has to stand in the same place and duplicate it. If they miss, they get the letter H. Players keep going back and forth until one person gets all five letters in HORSE. The winner can challenge the next player.

97. Dribbling Contest

You can also use basketballs to hold a dribbling contest. Who can dribble the ball the longest? Who can do the sweetest dribble between their legs?

98. Soccer

Put up some portable goals and get a traditional game of soccer going.

99. Volleyball

If you have access to a volleyball net, this is a fun game for kids to play that they may have already learned in PE.

100. Dodgeball

This is one of the OG field day games, in which teams of kids try to eliminate the opposite team's players by hitting them with a ball. Just be sure to use a soft ball and instruct kids not to throw too hard or aim for the face.

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