Won't Someone Think of the Children!

3/23/07 - By Anna Fader

Which of these scary AG doll clones is the real doll?

Which of these scary AG doll clones is the real doll?

Read the story of six year old Etta (via Consumerist), who was coldly turned away by American Girl Place's hair salon because her doll was a Tarjay "fake" and you can't help but feel a little weepy. But, read the comments written in to her mom's blog post about the incident and you can't help but get a little chuckle.
I am insulted that American Girl did this, That's even less class than Macy's has!!!


is there a Gracie [Etta's doll] legal defense fund? it sounds like a defamation of character case.
helping kids to build their self-esteem is one of the greatest things an adult can do. An "adult" who aids in breaking them down deserves to be shot.
I just went through my daughter's book collection and threw [her American Doll books] away. [That'll show 'em]
I just read this story, and would be glad to send your daughter a soccer ball. Dolls are overrated.
I have no children or dolls for that matter but this is reprehensible. But then again, its not even the "rich culture," that perpetuates these ideas. In the adult world, this is no different than women who expect (or nearly demand) "real" diamonds or a diamond at all for their engagement rings. Sure, many will say the size doesn't matter, and to some it may not, but nearly all women want a "real" diamond. Because a "fake" one (though chemically identical) is somehow less valuable. Those little girls, the ones that buy the cheap dolls or the expensive name brand ones, all get brainwashed later by Debeers. I'm sure all the women deploring this treatment of a child are hypocrtis when is comes to themselves. "Fake" diamonds are like having a cash bar at a wedding, no matter what the reason, people are going to call you cheap behind your back. Cheers ladies![Okaaay. Jilted lately-ed.]
Perhaps someone should remind that woman that her job is STYLING DOLL HAIR
American Girl: You may have thought a single little girl didn't matter. You are wrong. You have sown a little girls tears, prepare to reap the vengeance of a hundred thousand outraged parents who will NEVER, EVER, HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR COMPANY AGAIN.
Some chided mom for putting her daughter in this position by not calling ahead to make sure they would do the hair of non-American Girl dolls. They may have a point, but we are talking about someone whose blog is called One of Those Horrible Moms, so I think we need to cut her some slack.