Great Prenatal Yoga Studios in New York City

Pregnancy is a strange and beautiful time. You get to grow an entire new human PLUS experience such joys as nausea, back pain, varicose veins, and more. Luckily, prenatal yoga can help with the various discomforts of pregnancy. It’s also a lovely way to commune with your growing child (and belly), prepare yourself for labor, and meet other expecting mamas. Here are six great prenatal yoga studios around the city.


Prenatal Yoga Center
Upper West Side, main location
Chelsea, Upper East Side, Tribeca
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
As its name suggests, this yoga center focuses on copious class offerings for moms-to-be, with classes on the Upper West Side, in addition to teaching at other facilities around the city. They also offer moms-to-be and new parents support groups and classes on childbirth, infant CPR, newborn care, breastfeeding, and, most importantly, partner massage. (That’s right – you can train your partner.) The Prenatal Yoga Center also offers some pretty cool stuff online, including free yoga videos.

Yoga for Two
Battery Park, Upper East Side, Upper West Side
Courses offered by Yoga for Two are designed to support women through pregnancy and childbirth according to the Barnes Method, which incorporates principles of alignment, awareness, breath, sound vibration, strength and community. A wide variety of classes, including post partum, mom/baby, and private sessions, are offered at four different locations around Manhattan.

Bend and Bloom
708 Sackett Street
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Bend and Bloom Yoga offers classes, workshops and groups to offer support throughout all the stages of pregnancy, including postpartum. Gently flowing practices are designed to help expecting moms improve circulation, ease digestion, maintain a limber spine, strengthen uterus and pelvic muscles, and feel generally more comfortable. Oh, and they offer tea and cookies after class – the true way into a pregnant woman’s heart.

Karma Kids Yoga
25 West 23rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues
Despite the name, Karma Kids Yoga has classes to offer you before your baby is born. They help prepare your mind and body for labor and delivery, with classes that offer focus on relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and toning of the abdominal and pelvic floor to help with postnatal recovery--plus baby wearing clinics, doula referrals, baby showers and more. 

Prenatal Yoga Center
251 West 72nd St, 2F
10023 New York , NY
Phone: 212-362-2985
40° 46' 46.8048" N, 73° 59' 0.2112" W
New York
Bend and Bloom
708 Sackett St
11217 Brooklyn , NY
Phone: 347-987-3162
40° 40' 38.694" N, 73° 58' 52.086" W
New York
Karma Kids Yoga
25 West 23rd Street
10010 New York , NY
Phone: 646-638-1444
40° 44' 31.9956" N, 73° 59' 25.602" W
New York