Kids Age 10 and Up Are Now Eligible for IDNYC

IDNYC Offers Free ID Cards to Kids Ages 10+ and Many Cultural Perks, too
Use your IDNYC card at the American Museum of Natural History. Photo by Marley White for NYCGo

Big news for tweens (and their parents!): IDNYC, the municipal identification card, which comes with a ton of family-friendly benefits, has lowered its minimum age for eligibility to 10 years old. This means middle schoolers are now eligible for the FREE ID.

When the IDNYC program was Initially launched in 2015, the minimum eligible age was 14. Read on for more details on the application process, and the reasons why you should book your tween's appointment now.

How to Apply for an IDNYC Card

Kids ages 10-13 will need a parent or guardian to accompany them to their IDNYC appointment, and parents must provide documentation proving their residency and relationship to the applicant. IDNYC has a document calculator to help you organize your paperwork before you apply. Once you've collected your documents, you can start the application online, though you'll still have to visit an enrollment center to complete the process. IDs are then mailed to your home address within 10-14 business days.

3 Reasons to Apply for IDNYC

Once your child receives their IDNYC card, you might breathe a sigh of relief knowing they're no longer commuting solo sans ID. But besides peace of mind, there are lots of benefits for your kid, including...

1. Kids are eligible for tons of discounts and memberships, including museum and zoo memberships (hello, AMNH and Bronx Zoo!).

2. Card-holding kids get discounts on fitness, retail, and entertainment, like 25 percent off admission at Gulliver's Gate, for starters.

3. The IDNYC can also act as your kid's library card, which means it also unlocks these cultural options, too.

Visit the IDNYC site for full details on how to apply and all the kid- (and family-) friendly discounts. Maybe your tween can even treat you to your next museum visit!