Art of Problem Solving’s Math and English Enrichment Program Teaches Thinking, Not Memorization

AoPS Academy students collaborate with other outstanding peers, working with the same student cohort throughout the year.
AoPS Academy students collaborate with other outstanding peers, working with the same student cohort throughout the year.

Art of Problem Solving offers math and language arts enrichment for advanced learners from grades 2-12 in Irvine, Orange County.

A generation ago, many occupations required people to repeatedly solve routine problems–but, now, most of those jobs are performed by computers! To set today’s students up for success, they need to learn critical problem-solving skills, and the earlier the better. Understanding how to tackle difficult problems–not just replicas of ones they've already seen–teaches kids how to learn, and prepares them for the challenges of top-tier colleges and competitive careers.

That’s the focus of Art of Problem Solving (AoPS). At AoPS Academy, an in-person after-school, weekend, and summer academic program geared toward advanced learners, students build a problem solving skill set to prepare them for many of life's challenges. With 13 locations nationwide, including a brand new campus in Irvine, California, AoPS combines a rigorous curriculum, expert instruction, and community to create a one-of-a-kind enrichment experience.

What is Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)?

AoPS is a leader in K–12 advanced education with both in-person and online classes, as well as its own line of popular textbooks. First on the scene in 1993, the program has helped prepare hundreds of thousands of students for college and career success using demanding math, science, and language arts curricula.

At the new Irvine campus, kids can choose from a number of different hour and forty-five minute courses offered after-school, evenings, weekends, and summers. AoPS students can also opt to participate in a number of different academic contests throughout their time in the program.

What grades is AoPS for?

The courses offered at AoPS Academy are designed for high-performing students in grades 2-12. All students interested in enrolling start with a free consultation and assessment to determine their eligibility and level.

How does Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) teach critical thinking?

AoPS offers a rigorous math and language arts curriculum. Math classes range from basic skills for the youngest learners to advanced geometry classes that teach spatial thinking, and college-level calculus classes that go way beyond calculator skills. Language arts classes set kids up for success with complex texts that deepen reading comprehension, expand vocabulary, and improve their writing skills. Older students can take more specialized courses on things like rhetoric and public speaking.

What makes AoPS stand out?

The best way to learn how to solve hard problems is by tackling the problems yourself–not sitting by watching others do the work. That’s why AoPS is all about active, engaging instruction across all subjects, and experienced teachers who empower students. In the classroom, instructors focus on asking motivating questions to provide guidance, but hold off on commentary until the problem has been solved.

What to expect joining the AoPS Academy community?

AoPS Academy attracts strong students from many different schools, and the highly selective admissions process ultimately brings together small groups of deeply motivated kids. During their time at AoPS, students have a chance to spend time with like-minded peers and mentors, challenge and support one another, and build really meaningful friendships.

How do I enroll my child in AoPS Academy?

If AoPS Academy sounds like a good fit for your learner, start the enrollment process by scheduling a consultation. For more information about classes and schedule, visit the AoPS Academy website.

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