Foam Party Trend: How to Throw a Foam Party for Kids

Getting buried in bubbles is much less messy than getting buried in sand! Photo by Ally Noel for Mommy Poppins
Getting buried in bubbles is much less messy than getting buried in sand! Photo by Ally Noel for Mommy Poppins
7/6/23 - By Amelia Eigerman

Foam parties are the newest way to totally crush the birthday party game. Forget having a pinata as the main event and blow everyone out of the water by turning your backyard into a foamy paradise. From foam machines to foam blasters, we put a range of foam toys to the test to discover the best way to throw an epic foam party.

For more sudsy fun, you can have a real bubble blowout by adding bubble guns and bubble toys to the foam party mix. And don't actually forget the pinata! We've got tips on making easy paper bag pinatas at home.

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What Is a Foam Party?

A foam party is exactly what it sounds like—an event where kids can frolic, play, and get messy in a sea of foam. Whether you grab a few backyard foam machines and blasters online or hire a professional foam party service, the end goal is the same: a truly foamy party. With a larger machine, sometimes the foam can be up to four feet tall. Picture a bubble bath that takes over your whole party!

This type of event is lots of fun for kids of all ages and is surprisingly low mess, as the foam can be easily dissolved with water. Just hose down the area, or throw kids in a pool, and you’re good to go.

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It's all good, clean fun. Photo by Melanie Preis for Mommy Poppins

How To Throw a Foam Party for Kids

Where to throw your foam party? Foam is definitely outdoor fun, so a backyard is an ideal fit. Foam parties work great on a solid surface like a patio, or on grass. Just be careful to choose a spot that won’t get too slippery. If you have a smaller foam machine, try isolating the foam in a kiddie pool.

Beyond the foam, you’ll want some fun accessories. Pool toys work great (and you may have some lying around already!) Think pool noodles, beach balls, and beach games. You should be prepared for everything to get foamy, so we recommend plastic cups and plates versus paper, when it comes time for snacking.

If you want to level up your foam party game, try adding to the sensory experience. Lights are a great way to take things up a notch. Foam blasters, bubble guns, and bubble machines are a great match to foam machines. For inspiration, check out the best bubble guns for kids. Paired with a great playlist, you’re on your way to a rocking foam event.

Your foam party invites should get your guests hyped for a bubbly experience and let them know how to prepare. Swimwear is the ideal attire, and pool shoes are definitely recommended. Everyone should be ready to get their feet wet. Have plastic bags ready to stow items that aren’t water-safe, and plenty of towels for kid cleanup at the end of the party!

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Cover your family and friends in bubbles. Photo courtesy of Fom Mania

Home Foam Machines: Best Foam Blasters

Fom Mania Fomilator Foam Blaster

These blasters were a verified hit with our kid testers; they had so much fun running around and sudsing each other and various targets. Another bonus is that this foam blaster is super affordable. You can grab enough of them for a battalion of kids and host a full-on foam war. The blaster is as easy to use as a water gun and can blast foam from one end of your yard to the other. 

Fom Mania Quickshot Foam Blaster

These pump-activated blasters come in pairs, perfect for a foamy duel. They are easy to use and encourage fun outdoor play, perfect to complement a foam machine or for solo use.

Backyard Foam Machines

Fom Mania Little Kids Fomalanche Foam Machine

Coming in at an affordable price point, this backyard foam machine is perfect for hosting your own foam party. It creates tons of foam quickly and will keep producing for up to five hours at a time. You can even add a second machine for double the foam.

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Hook it up to your hose, and watch the bubbles blossom. Photo courtesy of the Tinleon Foam Machine

Tinleon Foam Machine for Kids

This foam machine hooks up to your hose to create huge volumes of foam for you to play in. It is incredibly easy to set up (just plug in the hose and power and you're good to go) and can be mounted high above the ground to create a super fun foaming effect.

Little Tikes FOAMO Foam Machine

Fill your yard with foam with this machine! Just plug in, attach the hose, and start making foam within minutes. This foam machine boasts an impressive foam production rate, making it perfect for getting the party started fast.
Use a professional-grade machine to fill the whole backyard! Photo courtesy of Monty the Magician in Houston

Giant Foam Machines

If the smaller blasters and foam machines aren't doing it for you, you can buy professional-grade foam machines. However, the prices for these machines start out around $700 and only climb from there. Plus, you'll have to resupply the foam solution frequently.

Luckily, there are tons of rental services for hardcore foam party planners. These services will take care of everything, from bringing the machines to clean up. That way you can focus on watching your kids have a blast (and maybe popping a bubble or two yourself). So if you're throwing a big bash, or are planning a school fundraiser or party with foam, you may want to check local listings and rent a giant machine!

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