Best Inflatable Pools, Bounce Houses and Backyard Toys, Kid-Tested

Set up a kiddie pool and mega sprinkle for backyard summer fun. Photo by Ally Noel
Set up a kiddie pool and mega sprinkle for backyard summer fun. Photo by Ally Noel
6/13/20 - By Ally Noel

There is a ton of inflatable and pool fun to be had this summer right in your backyard. Climb, splash, and slide in these bounces houses, kiddie pools, and water slides. These inflatables will take backyard fun to the next level and provide hours of outdoor entertainment during a summer of mostly staying at home. And no, they haven't all sold out—yet!

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The Royal Palace Bounce House is sturdy enough for big kids and the slide adds to the fun. Photo by Mommy Poppins

Top Bounce House Options

1. Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House with Slide Bouncer

This might be a splurge, but one mom we know swears that it has been a "quarantine must" in recent months! This inflatable bounce house has a little something for everyone. It features a sturdy bouncing area, sliding surface, and a basketball hoop. The top is open so no one gets overheated.


2. Jumping Castle with Slide

Sometimes simple fun is the best fun. This basic bounce house may not have all the bells and whistles of others on this list, but it is very portable. When summer is over, this bounce house can also be set up indoors. 

3. Jumping Castle with Slide and Sprinkler and Splash Pool 

With a water slide, sprinkler, kiddie pool, bounce area, and more sprinklers… this bounce house has it all! It’s cute octopus design and cheerful colors will make this a happy addition to any backyard. 

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The Minnidip kiddie pools come in bright colors and cool designs and a variety of sizes. Photo by Mommy Poppins

Kiddie Pools for Toddlers

4. Minnidip Spotted Stripes Minni-Minni Kiddie Pool

Grab your camera, because it’s impossible not to look adorable in this very Instagram-ready kiddie pool. Minnidip makes a few different-sized kiddie pools but its "Minni-Minni" is just right for kids ages 3 and up. 

5. Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center

Keep the little ones cool this summer with this inflatable water play center. Attach the garden hose to the built-in sprayer, slide down the mini water slide, and try to toss balls through one of four inflatable rings. 

6. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool for Learning 

No one is too cool for school with this splash pad. Perfect for toddlers, this splash pad sprays kids with gentle fountains. It's decorated with animals from  A to Z.

7. Toddler Splash Play Mat

Introduce your little one to water fun with this toddler splash play mat. Setup is as easy as attaching a garden hose and turning the water on. Sturdy enough for jumping around, some even let the family dog enjoy this sprinkler. 

8. AquaPod Lagoon

The AquaPod is constructed of clear sturdy vinyl. Water fills an outer channel, while a shallow pool forms in the center, making the tiniest of kiddie pools just right for tots. This inflatable also comes with a dozen brightly colored fish that children are able to chase around the lagoon. 

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Take a seat in the Family Lounge Pool for backyard chillin. Photo by Ally Noel

Inflatable Pools to Love

9. Family Lounge Pool

What is one of the things that I loved the most about this inflatable pool? No more kneeling in the grass while you watch your kids play. This inflatable pool has a built-in bench (and cup holders!) so parents can get in on the action. As summer heats up, this pool is perfect for bigger kids to splash around in and test out their budding swim skills. 

10. Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool 

I have owned this pool since my daughter was's six years later, and it's still going strong! It works well in the off-season as an indoor ball pit and it has always cooled us off on really hot days.  

11. Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool with Filter Pump 

If you have the room for it, this inflatable pool takes that kiddie pool of old to the next about 10 minutes. The filter pump and built-in chlorinator allow this pool to be set up for an entire season. The water is deep enough for older kids to get in some water play this summer. 

For playdates or dueling siblings, the Dual Water Slide have room for all. Photo courtesy of manufacturer

Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

12. Ultimate Dual Water Slide

A little longer, and a little wider, this water slide is BIG on the fun. Wide enough for two kids to slide at once, siblings can race straight into the shallow pool. 

13. Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center

One mom we know swears by this Intex water slide, especially because of it's pre-pandemic low pricing. It's sturdy and loads of fun for elementary-school-age kids. The water slide comes with two inflatable surf riders so everyone can ride in style. 

14. Grand Slam Baseball Water Slide

What is summer without a little baseball? Made out of sturdy PVC, this baseball-themed water slide is sure to be a home run of fun. Complete with a baseball and bat, kids can really perfect their slide into home with this one! 

Just try not to laugh while playing under the giant unicorn sprinkler. Photo by Ally Noel

Sprinklers We Love 

15. Ginormous Inflatable Magical Unicorn Summer Yard Sprinkler

Who can resist a 6-foot unicorn sprinkler? We couldn't! The sprinkler turns every play date into a party. I have a house filled with unicorn lovers, so it was an easy choice, but this sprinkler also comes in a variety of creature forms, including a dinosaur, giraffe, and elephant. Pro Tip: Snag an electric pump to fill this inflatable up.

16. Wet & Wild Light Show Sprinkler

Hot summer nights are meant for this sprinkler! Once the sun goes down, turn on the fun with this Light Show Sprinkler for an affordable backyard splash party.

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