Zarkana Returns to Radio City as Over-the-top as Ever

6/24/12 - By Anna Fader

Radio City Music Hall is known for hosting huge spectacles on its football-stadium-size stage. And Cirque du Soleil is known for its enchantingly beautiful performances. Put them together and you get Zarkana, a visually stunning extravaganza of epic proportions.


This is the second summer in a row that Zarkana has come to Radio City and some changes have been made. Mainly the show is shorter with no intermission. Otherwise most of the acts are similar to what we saw last summer when we posted our tips for parents taking kids to see Zarkana.

While it's not a kids' show, there's really nothing inappropriate for children. The main drawback, besides the price of tickets, is that some children seem to find it creepy, which may or may not bother your youngsters.

Like last year, Zarkana is dripping with visual splendor. It's like a wedding cake: There are layers and layers of over-the-top beauty. Some people find the whole thing overwhelming. It does feel almost like a three-ring circus—you never quite know what to look at. Personally, I loved this feast for the senses. It reminded me of a Peter Greenaway movie, without the maggots.

If Louis XIV had commissioned a circus, Zarkana would have been the outcome. Whether you think all the visual richness adds to the incredible technical feats of the performers or distracts from them (I clearly fall on the "adds" side), Zarkana is a spectacle that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Zarkana is playing at Radio City Music Hall through September 2. Get more info and tickets at

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