Best Places for Kids Haircuts in NYC from Baby Haircuts to Cool Teen Spots

Whether you're getting your kid's first haircut or your teen needs a cool new cut, these salons and shops will take care of little New Yorkers.
Whether you're getting your kid's first haircut or your teen needs a cool new cut, these salons and shops will take care of little New Yorkers.
1/22/24 - By Hans Howe-Freiwald

Getting a kids haircut in NYC is a lot different than when I was growing up in a small Midwestern town. Back then my mom would give me five bucks and drop me off at the only barbershop in town. The barber would sit me down in the chair and let me pick between two kids haircut styles: short and shorter. After about five minutes, I was out the door with crooked bangs and a Charms Blowpop.

In NYC, kids haircuts can come from a kid-centric spa, and little ones can get a funky colorful cut, or zone out with some Disney+ on an iPad while they're pampered. While we've previously shared our list of the best Manhattan children's salons, read on for our top picks for kids haircuts in NYC from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the Bronx to Staten Island, and in Queens, too.


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Kids haircuts in NYC: Milk & Cookies Kids Spa
Every kids haircut at Milk & Cookies Kids Spa comes with its namesake treat at the end. Photo courtesy of the salon

Best Salons in Manhattan for Kids Haircuts

Milk & Cookies Kids Spa – Kips Bay

While many kids don’t like to get a haircut, almost all kids like milk and cookies. Milk & Cookies Kids Spa offers a dessert-inspired salon experience for kids while letting them immerse themselves in the experience (like designing their own “bath goodies” to go). Plus everyone gets complimentary milk and cookies with every kids haircut!

Yellow Submarine Salon – Upper West Side

On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the Yellow Submarine Salon is a perfect spot if you’re looking for a peaceful and serene setting for your next kids haircut in NYC. This salon is ideal for those kids who are nervous or uncomfortable getting their haircut. It even has “private sensitive service hours” upon request and “get familiar” visits so your little ones can get comfortable before their actual appointment.

Cozy's Cuts for Kids – Upper East Side

Cozy’s Cuts for Kids has got it covered when it comes to keeping your little ones entertained during their kids haircut. It has plenty of toys to play with and bright pictures on the wall. Kids can pick out a movie to watch or video game to play while they're styled.

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Kids haircuts in NYC: Pinkyz Place
​Pinkyz Place has a colorful, inviting interior for little ones. Photo courtesy of the salon

Best Barbershops and Salons for Kids Haircuts in Brooklyn

Pinkyz Place – Cobble Hill

This salon is a great place for first-timers or kiddos who have had traumatic haircut experiences in the past. The warm, inviting play space eases nerves, and friendly stylists, who specialize in first-time cuts, make kids feel and look like a million bucks.

Sit Still Kids Salon – Greenpoint

Sit Still’s professional and friendly stylists help little ones feel empowered as they choose the right cut and color to fit their personality. The salon uses biodegradable, non-toxic products to keep your child safe from any harsh chemicals. Parents can sip an adult beverage and shop a curated selection of gifts while their kid is pampered.

Edamama Cute Cuts & More – Williamsburg

This salon has a little something for everyone. Little ones can enjoy the fun undersea theme and get their cool new 'do, while parents sip a latte and catch up on their reading (did I mention it’s a bookstore, too?). Edamama also hosts events like storytimes and sing-alongs.

Destiny Kids Salon & Spa – Crown Heights

Destiny Kids Salon & Spa is the place to go to get braids, beads, and cornrows. Its professional and patient stylists offer simple kids haircuts as well. And, if it's pampering your little one seeks, it offers foot massages and chocolate facials.

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Kids haircuts in NYC: Stock image of a baby getting a haircut
Save those little locks of hair from your child's first haircut.

Best Places for Kids Haircuts in Queens

Royal Barbershop – Long Island City

Located in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Queens, Long Island City, Royal Barbershop is a must-visit if you want to give your kiddo a one-of-a-kind first haircut experience. Kids can sit in their choice of a taxi or firetruck as Royal’s patient stylists make your little one’s first cut feel special. They’ll also get a “First Haircut” certificate and you'll get a keepsake lock of hair.

Craftmasters Barbershop – Flushing

Geared more toward boys, Craftmasters Barbershop gives little guys the old-school New York barbershop experience with some precision craftsmanship and 21st-century vibes. This is the spot for tight lines and clean shape-ups. The professionals at Craftmasters help kids get comfortable in a classic barbershop setting.

Barbershop Steve 3000 – Bayside

This is a great spot for the whole family to get a fresh new 'do. Little ones can choose to sit in a fun transportation-themed chair (train, fire engine, police cruiser), watch a movie, and get a simple snip, while parents can indulge in a professional cut and color. If your kiddo is feeling a bit more adventurous, they can also add some temporary color to their cut.

More Great Barbershops and Salons for Kids Hair Cuts in NYC

Sharkey's Cuts For Kids – Multiple Locations

For kids cuts on Staten Island, there’s no reason to look beyond Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids. The salon offers great kids haircuts at great prices and the kids can enjoy sitting in a Disney-themed seat while they taking in a classic film. Sharkey's also offers an extensive variety of other services, including extensions and braiding. Kids leave happy with a cool cut on top and a balloon and lollipop in hand.

Crossbronx Beauty Salon and Barbershop – Castle Hill, the Bronx

This is a legendary local spot where the whole family can get snipped and styled at once. Crossbronx offers great prices and a variety of cuts and styles. Its professional staff is great at helping kids choose a style to fit their personality from fades to mohawks. It has great prices for parents too!

Kimmiecuts – Citywide

This is the perfect service for those little ones who are still out of their comfort zone in a barbershop or salon setting. Kimmie’s offers home haircuts in NYC from a stylist with more than 10 years of kids haircut experience. One of the biggest benefits of booking with Kimmie Cuts (besides not having to get out of your cozy clothes) is that you can also book a haircut for yourself. Try it; you may never want to leave the comfort of your home for a haircut again!

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