Nurture Opens in Brooklyn with Classes for Mom and Baby

Review: Nurture{Bklyn} with Postnatal, Prenatal Care and Kid Activities in Brooklyn

Whether you're an expectant mother, dad of a toddler or a woman dealing with postnatal life, Nurture{Bklyn} would seem to have a place for you. Located in the quiet neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, Nurture hopes to foster a supportive community of new and expecting families through classes and meet-ups with a special focus on pregnant and new moms and their babies.

Nurture{Bklyn}, which just opened its doors in May, was founded by Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach, an experienced doula and social worker. She is also a mother of two and a Jane of all trades when it comes to childbirth. "I've always dreamed of having a space where women and parents can come together to connect and receive services from many different professionals," Mangum-Sarach says. Nurture is the physical manifestation of her vision, with an inviting backyard and bright child-centric indoor space.

The home-like setting provides a welcoming atmosphere. Photo by the author.

The location was designed to be comfortable and home-like, and in just the first month its event calendar is already packed. Families can find a range of services, including pre- and postnatal therapy, childbirth preparation classes, lactation support circles and consultation, new-mommy and baby brunches and more. In addition to strengthening the mind, Mangum-Sarach plans to offer events to strengthen the body through acupuncture, yoga and massage therapy. The Nurture{Bklyn} house will host other special events, too, including mommy meet-up groups like an upcoming baby-wearing meet-up and expert lectures and personal talks, such as a "meet the doula" day.

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The cozy reading nook. Photo courtesy of Alicia Allison.

Nurture{Bklyn} also has the typical offerings of a kid-centric space, including drop-in, open-play sessions, nature workshops and educational play circles. The spacious backyard will be used for learning about nature and the environment. All events are child-led, parent- and teacher-supervised and strive to enhance children's understanding of the world. Families can drop-in occasionally, sign up for special eight-week series or become members to take advantage of perks and discounts.

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Kids can play while parents chat at the new Nurture. Photo courtesy of  Kaz Sakuma.

Most of all, though, Mangum-Sarach hopes the space will become a nurturing community where families can grow together. "We've lost this art of village parenting in a way, and our lives get so busy that we have little time for slowing down," she says. "My vision is to create a home away from home, where a parent can come and talk about their day, have a cup of tea and relax knowing their little one is safe to roam about in a welcoming space."

Nurture{Bklyn} is located at 78 E. Second Street in Brooklyn, across from Greenwood Cemetery and a short walk from the F/G Fort Hamilton Parkway stop, as well as Prospect Park.

Top photo: Nurture's cozy setting is aimed at putting parents and kids at ease. Photo courtesy of Kaz Sakuma.

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